Saturday, October 15, 2011

WSU Game Day Thread: Weber State v. Idaho State

It's homecoming week on the Weber State campus; and the Standard-Examiner has the story about this afternoon's gridiron battle. Here's the lede:

OGDEN -- It's homecoming for Weber State fans and alumni, but for defensive line coach John Zamberlin, it's a chance to welcome some old friends to his new home -- and hopefully send them away with a loss.

Zamberlin, who last year was the head coach at Idaho State, will be in purple today as a host of Bengals he recruited to Pocatello come to Stewart Stadium for a Big Sky battle with the Wildcats. Kickoff is at 4 p.m.

Read the full SE story here:
And how are they viewing today's big game up in Bengals Country? Read this morning's Idaho State Journal stories to find out:
Fascinating contrast in offensive styles. WSU will mainly run the ball, while ISU will almost exclusively air it out, it appears.

Of course the very best way for Wildcat fans to catch the game is to buy a ticket and join the throngs of of loyal WSU fans in Stewart Stadium. But if you're laid-up in the hospital or stuck for the day in a cubicle at work, be sure to catch the online audio via the Wildcats' new radio station flagship, KZNS-AM 1280:
And here's a the WSU Twitter feed (which we're finding to be quite useful when trying to simultaneously keep up with more college games than one):
There'll be no live video broadcast today; sorry, folks.

We'll leave the lights on for your thoughtful comments, as per usual, Wildcat fans.

Go Wildcats!

Update 10/15/11 6:59 p.m.: Final, final... WSU over ISU... 39-12! Wildcats move to 3-1 in Big Sky action in front of 11,297 fans!

Update 10/16/11 8:00 a.m.: The Standard and the Idaho State Journal are carrying these post-game stories this morning:
Gotta say that winning's a heckuva lot more fun than losing, innit?


Bob Becker said...

It will be interesting to see which team shows up to play tonight:  the Wildcats who slumbered through the first half of last week's game, or the Wildcats who [as the cliche' puts it] "came to play" in the second half.   

So far, looks like this season will be, like last season, one spent wondering which WSU team will show up, and whether whatever team does show up decides to play all four quarters or not. 

But it's homecoming.  Good  weather for the game predicted. Temps on the coolish but not cold side by half time, like god intended for fall football evenings.  Drop  a sawbuck or so for a general admission ticket, bring a folding stadium seat, watch the cheerleaders perform and wonder who decided to suit them them up in  hooker outfits this year, cheer for the home team.   Saturday college football [outside the insane atmosphere of Football Factory schools] is the way it's s'pozed to be. 

rudizink said...

Utah College Football sidebar:

The mighty Utah Utes whoop Pitt again this afternoon, for the third straight time in a row!

PhillySteak with Cheese said...

Pitt will always be Utah's Bitch.

BikerBabe said...

How "hooker" can you go with Purple?


Bob Becker said...

Last game I saw they were decked out in leater minis. Maybe they thought better of that for homecoming.

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