Sunday, October 09, 2011

2011 Ogden Municipal Election Update

Last Thursday's mayoral debate video in now available for viewing via YouTube; and The Womens' Legislative Council announces yet another upcoming mayoral candidate showcase event

Here are couple of notable 2011 Municipal Election developments for Ogden City political wonks, both concerning the Mayoral Race, as our right sidebar Election Countdown Clock mercilessly ticks down to within 29 days of the November 8 Election:

1) Channel 17's video recording of Last Thursday's (10/6/11) Ogden Mayoral Debate is now available for viewing via Youtube:

We've also added the link to our right sidebar election module for your convenient future reference, of course.

2) The Weber County Women's Legislative Council announces yet another upcoming mayoral candidate showcase event, the particulars of which we'll incorporate from this morning's Standard-Examiner sidebar snippet:
OGDEN — Mayoral candidates Brandon Stephenson and Mike Caldwell will speak to the Women’s Legislative Council of Weber County at 6 p.m. Wednesday.

The two will make presentations and answer questions from the audience.

The meeting will be held at the South Ogden Senior Center, 580 39th St.
This will be the tenth mayoral event this election cycle, by our count folks. Lest some of you might argue that this year's weird abundance of mayoral candidate events is an indulgence in overkill, we'll make the observation that this very well might be the last chance for Caldwell and Stephenson, candidates who've heretofore failed to demonstrate a dime's worth of difference between their respective platforms during their first nine attempts, to clearly and finally differentiate themselves, one from the other.

"The tenth time's the charm," according to the old ax... no? [wink] Well who knows? Maybe this time these bumbling candidates will finally get it right, this tenth (count 'em, 10th) go-round.

The floor's open for your ever-savvy remarks.


althepal said...

"Maybe this time these bumbling candidates will get it right."

I'm keeping my fingers crossed.  Hope springs eternal.

Danny said...

Dull, insipid, inane debate.

I miss Steve VanWagoner.

Godfrey was many things, but he was never boring.

rudizink said...

No doubt about it.  Mr. Van Wagoner's principled opposition to the currently faddish the right wing socialist corporate
welfare-promoting platforms of Caldwell and Stephenson added an
envigorating  breadth to the pre-primary election mayoral candidate
discussion which is sorely lacking, now that the candidate field has
been narrowed down to the two candidates whom we so affectionately refer to as tweedle-dum and tweedle dee.

Bob Becker said...

Well, Rudi, the people spoke, and those were the two candidates they wanted in the primary.   Gotta respect that, regardless of whether or not we think the people chose wisely.  

There are those, of course, who hold the people's choice in real contempt: those who sit out the primary campaigns, and then jump in after they're over to run as write-ins.    

rudizink said...

Well... 20.04 percent of the people spoke anyhow...

What a disgrace!

Onewhovotes said...

Or maybe it was money that spoke.

rudizink said...

I''ll tell ya's what "OneWhoVotes": You are VERY wise.

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