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Two Chewy Ogden Municipal Election Stories Which We'll Gleefully Reel Off For Your Morning Consumption

Nobody likes a whiner, Mr. Safsten -- Write that down so you don't forget it

This morning's Standard-Examiner carries two chewy Ogden Municipal Election stories which we'll gleefully reel off for your morning consumption:

1) Who's that scowling fellow whose sad mug is plastered right up there on the SE front page this morning? Why it's Comrade Rick Safsten, of course, the Rosie Ruiz of the 2011 Ogden Council At-Large "C" race, whining that his intentionally late-filed write-in candidacy's exclusion from the October 12, 2011 City Council Candidate Forum "isn't fair":
Here's what's unfair, Mr. Rick "Drama Queen" Safsten: What's unfair is your intentionally and willfully cooling your heels for the first 3-1/2 months of the 2011 municipal election cycle, sitting on the sidelines waiting until half of the other well-qualifed At-large "C" candidates had already gotten bumped off by the voters in the primary, and then suddenly jumping into the race with a weird, psuedo-messianic Godfreyite deliverence message, expecting at that point to be treated on an equal footing with the last two surviving General Election candidates who'd played by the rules, prevailed in the primary and had been slugging it out on the campaign trail since mid-July, unlike you.

If you'd wanted to benefit from the perquisites and exposure of a real registered candidate, you should have entered the race at the outset, just like all the other city council candidates did. Instead, you acted in bad faith and chose to adopt the "lazy" approach.

That's our take; and we're stickin' to it. So what say our WCF readers about all this?

2) SE Davis County Bureau reporter Bryan Saxton reports on yesterday's command performance event, where the politically muscular Northern Wasatch Association of Realtors (NWAR) hosted an Ogden mayoral debate, featuring Mike Caldwell and Brandon "Sockpuppet" Stephenson over what we imagine to have been a yummy Davis Conference Center rubber chicken lunch:
Between candidates Caldwell and Stephenson, these NWAR folks have a serious $10 grand ($5 thousand per candidate) invested in the the Ogden City Mayoral Race, so it makes perfect sense that they'd host these guys for an old-fashoned NWAR barbecue grilling, no? These NWAR folks need to know they're getting their money's worth, right... and to check out condition of the horse-flesh that they bought?

Oh and one other thing. We'll make the observation that mayoral write-in candidate Patrick C. Conlin wasn't invited to yesterday's above-mentioned NWAR pig-out either; yet we don't find him plastered all over the SE front page this morning, whining about the snub. Nobody likes a whiner, Mr. Safsten. Write that down so you don't forget it, please.

That's it for now.

So who'll be the first to chime in?


blackrulon said...

It is always interesting to hear various candidates speak of their desire to bring jobs to Ogden. Yet I still send my Ogden City water,sewer,refuse payment to a Salt Lake City address. If they cannot figure out how to get the job of Ogden City payments to Ogden how will they be  able to persuade companies to bring jobs to Ogden?

Dorrene Jeske said...

Rick shouldn't expect to be treated as the other candidates.  In the past other "write-in" candidates were all but totally ignored.  He has no grounds for his complaint that it "isn't fair."  The other candidates that filed by the July 15th deadline would have cause to cry foul if he were given the same considerations as they.

In the fall of 1990 or 1991, I was so angry with the City when they tried to increase the 40-bed half-way house at 9th and Washington to a 150 to 200 bed facility without informing the public that I filed a "write-in" registration and ran for mayor.  With the help of my legislative rep., Grant Protzman and my PTA board members, we were able to fight the State Corrections and a new location was chosen.  Flora Ogan and the S-E did not acknowledge my candidancy and called me at home trying to discourage me.  I still received 992 votes when people were not well-informed on how to vote for a "write-in" candidate.  At least Rick is recognized as a candidate and has had his picture in the paper a couple of times already.  He should consider himself lucky, and quit complaining.

You're right, Rudi, he hasn't earned the right to be included with the other candidates.

Danny said...

The story should have read, "Ogden Standard Examiner city council candidate Suck-up Saftsen was shunned by a recent forum, in spite of all the free promotion the paper has given him including many creepy photos of his hound-dog face.  What up?  We at the newspaper expect people to do as they are told and they continue to refuse to, blah, blah."

And regarding the liked article about the mayor candidates talking business with Satan's Children, aka the realtors (note the small r, you realtor scum), is this diab0lical quote:  "Personal property rights are so important. A lot of politicians are
trying to take away our personal property rights," said Robert Hill,
NWAOR president.

So these devils, who support every instance of eminent domain, are whining about property rights.  Awesome.  Soon, we will hear the devil expressing concern there is so much sin.

Au Contraire said...

Correction:  Nobody like Mr. Safesten, Mr. Safsten.

Au Contraire said...

Correction:  Nobody like Mr. Safsten, Mr. Safsten.

Au Contraire said...

Correction:  Nobody likes Mr. Safesten, Mr. Safsten.

rudizink said...

Correction:  Nobody like Mr. Safsten, Mr. Safsten

Au Contraire said...

Correction:  Nobody likes Mr. Safsten, Mr. Safsten

Danny said...

This is great article.  Well written and funny, as well as thought provoking.

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Tom said...

You are sending your payment to Wells Fargo, so they can process your process your payment.  Every week the bank sends the city an electronic file of all these payments so your utility account will be updated with your payment.  They are simply taking on the task of  opening up envelopes and processing checks.  They do it because they do it for hundreds of companies and can do it faster than city employees.  Thus, they are saving you money.

With that being said, maybe your ridiculous complaint should be made to Wells Fargo.  Or maybe your utility rate should go up just so you have the satisfaction of knowing someone in Ogden opened your envelope!

blackrulon said...

I guess that no one in Ogden can be taught to open envelopes and process payments. I do like the threat to raise our utility rates even higher. Spoken like a true supporter of Ogden.

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