Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Tuesday RDA Work Session: Progress Report on Pending RDA Projects

Check out this week's council packet to find out more

Not much is happening with the City Council/Redevelopment Agency this week. As a matter of fact, this week's regular RDA meeting has been cancelled. On the other hand, there is something on calender which we found to be quite interesting, namely Tuesday's RDA work session agenda, which includes a September RDA project report highlighting "new activity on notable projects or other activities undertaken by the RDA."

Curious about the progress of the heavily taxpayer-subsidized SouthRiver LLC River Project, the status of the similarly taxpayer funds-dependent Kevin Garn "Hot Tub Hotel" or some of the other projects simmering on the Ogden RDA front burner? Check out this week's council packet to find out more:
Kudos the the City Council/RDA for placing this project status report conspicuously within public view and scheduling these matters for formal work session discussion. Hopefully these project status reports will be issued on a regular basis in the future, as a concession to those political wonks (like us) who savor the most open and transparent government possible.

Comments, anyone?

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althepal said...

The current political apathy in Ogden City is stunning.

Bottom line, apathetic Oggen voters seem to have somehow decided that these two dildos are the best for the Administration of Ogden City, in very tough economic times.

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