Monday, June 25, 2012

Final, Final, Final 2012 Utah Primary Election Reminder

Stay tuned for tomorrow evening's WCF article, where we'll reveal the results of tomorrow's 6/26/12 Utah Primary Election in real-time, as is our 7-year WCF custom

In advance of tomorrow's Utah Primary Election, we'll once again reiterate the Utah Primary Election data which we set forth in last Saturday's (6/12/12) WCF post, mercifully in even more brief form.  Here are your 6/26/12 Utah Primary Election candidates, folks, digested to the most possibly simple and basic format.

Just so's you'll get a feeling for the relative strength of our WCF preferences in regard to these primary candidates, for what it's worth, we've also taken the effort to attach little tell-tale emoticon icons below:

US Senate (GOP):
Orrin Hatch
Dan Liljenquist ☠☠☠

US House of Representatives District 1 (Democrats) :
 Ryan Combe
 Donna McAleer

State Auditor (GOP):
 John Dougall ☠☠☠
Auston Johnson ☝☝☝

Governor (Constitution):
Kirk D Pearson
Brandon W. Nay

State Attorney general (GOP):
 Sean Reyes
 John Swallow ☠☠☠

Utah House District 29 (GOP):
Brad Galvez
Lee Perry

Ogden School Board District Precinct 1:
Don Belnap ☠☠☠
David Tanner ☝
Allen Smith ☝

Ogden School Board District Precinct 5:
 Shane Story ☠☠☠
 J. Scott Handy ☝☝
Clark Hogan
Jim Hutchins ☝☝☝

Still a mite foggy about the issues involved in tomorrow's primary election?  Here; read this then:
The polls open at 7:00 a.m. tomorrow (6/26/2012), and close at 8:00 p.m.

Stay tuned for tomorrow evening's WCF article, where we'll reveal, around 8pm, the results of tomorrow's Utah Primary Election in real-time, as is our time-honored 7-year WCF custom.


Bob Becker said...

Note that Rudi assigned nine skull and crossbones symbols to GOP primary candidates, and only up-symbols to  Democratic primary candidates.   Rudi, me lad, there may be hope for you yet. 

Jim Hutchins said...

I was happy to get three fingers. And they're index fingers.

Johnny Deep said...

 Get out and vote, people!  Some say if you are not a republican your
vote doesn't count.  Try this one, if you don't vote, your vote doesn't

Bob Becker said...

I used to have, but have in one of our moves lost, a button that said, in Latin, "Throw the rascals out!"   I used to wear it on election days.  
[Its being in Latin made it safe to wear to the polls, whereas in English it would have caught the attention of the poll monitors as "campaigning."]   I miss it. 

Bob Becker said...

As of 9:30 this morn, 38 people had managed to make it to Ogden High to vote. Poll worker told me that was "not bad for a primary."

rudizink said...

 I showed up to vote at the Polk School this morning; and at that time the poll workers disclosed that they'd already logged 40 ballots.

I worked that polling location myself as an election judge for about eight years... and yes.... based on my own experience... it looks to have been a pretty decent voter turnout by that time, at least.

rudizink said...

 Skull and crossbones are too good for neanderthal throwbacks like Dan Liljenqist, John Dougall and John Swallow(s), Bob.

I calls 'em as I see's 'em, as per normal here on Weber County Forum, no?

Bob Becker said...

Trib reporting historically low turnouts:

rudizink said...

 Dang!  The political apathy in Utah is truly mind-boggling.

Who knows how to account for dismal Utah voter  turnouts in primary elections.

Here's somthin' we should all think about however, within the above-stated context, methinks:

Unhappy In Utah

Comments, anyone?

BAT_girl said...

I just voted at Washington Terrace Primary location, in the WT town hall. Very light turn out. Still.......... you have a link yet that gives any results, real time? Could you post it here so that I can cross post to WEBER COUNTY DEMs FB?

OneWhoVotes said...

3:45pm over 140 have voted at Polk School.  The Poll Workers were unable to give me the overall  % of registered voters that this number represents for these precincts.

BAT_girl said...

Does anyone here have a better link to track Precinct Returns for CD#1.......?

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