Wednesday, October 30, 2013

2013 Ogden City Election Candidate Financial Disclosure Statements (Third Set)

The latest financial data, fresh from the City Recorder's Office

With less than 7 days remaining prior to next Tuesday's 2013 Ogden City Municipal election, we're pleased to present the Third Set of  timely-filed Ogden City Council Campaign Finance Disclosures, which are linked and summarized in the handy table below.   We've put the emphasis on the phrase timely-filed, inasmuch as two candidates, Pamela Stevens and Courtney White, missed yesterday's deadline, although Mr. White did manage to get his papers on file this morning.

These omissions could have significance, folks, as the potential penalty for a late filing could involve a tardy candidate's complete removal from the ballot.  Here's the applicable ordinance Ogden City ordinance, folks, which should provide "relief" to each of these candidates, provided their failures to file were "inadvertent" and not "willful":
In the meantime, while the City Recorder and City attorney get these interesting irregularities sorted out, click the highlighted links to see how each of these candidates is doing with his or her fundraising, as we stand on the cusp of electing a new Ogden City Council::

Here's the latest financial data, fresh from the City Recorder's Office, peeps:

Municipal Ward 1
Neil K. Garner $1,050$1,241$2,550$1,346
Pamela Stevens*No FilingNo Filing$0$25
Municipal Ward 3
Turner C. Bitton $3,602$5,607$9,805$9,696
Doug Stephens$1,840$1,724$6,150$4,036
At-Large "A"
Stephen D. Thompson $438$989$2,406$2,259
Marcia L. White $4,365$3,598$17,498$9,696
At-Large "B"
Bart Blair $1,875$84$1,875$109
Courtney Jon White**$61$100$261$261
* No Filing - Disqualified
** Late Filing - Disqualified

Your ever-savvy comments and analysis are now invited, of course.


marko said...

Let's see. Bart Blair has now banked the usual fifteen hundred bucks form the Northern Utah Association of Realtors, which now constitutes 80% of his total 2013 campaign donations. Anybody want to guess who Bart will be representing, if he's elected once again? Helpful hint: Probably NOT YOU.

DJ said...

Doug Stephens must be slightly concerned about keeping his seat. He paid Golden Key Consulting $500 in the last reporting period. Who is Golden Key Consulting?

Our good friend James Humphreys.

James Humphreys said...

Yup It's me. Doug has not had a serious challenger before and needed some guidance on how to reach the majority of voters with limited resources. I have helped with that. I do hope it is enough to get him reelected. As I have stated before, I am committed to only working with candidates I feel will not vote in ways that do harm to me personally. First conversation we had was about the city's non discrimination debate.

Anything4ABuck said...


Anything4ABuck said...


SensibleOgden said...

James, why in the Hell would you not vote for, and spend your time helping Turner Bitton then? Talk about a champion for non discrimination!

James Humphreys said...

There is a lot more to managing a city that one issue. Doug did vote for the non Discrimination ordinance. He was a bit more stubborn, but nothing like Godfrey and Stephenson. Doug wanted to ensure we had the best possible ordinance, and I believe Ogden succeeded in that, despite opposition from the mayor at the time. I have my own opinions of Turner, but will keep them to myself.

I will say that Doug has a real understanding of the need for a regional transportation master plan and his vision on actual water management helped the city craft a real plan for shortages, that we implemented for the first time this year. I am impressed that he received both the support of the Realtors, who most here dislike and the Sierra Club. To have these divergent groups supporting Doug shows he understands balance and wants to protect all of the interests of the city. Unlike his opponent, Doug has a record that is impressive of actually getting things done in Ogden City. That is why I chose to support him and work to help him in this race.....

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