Friday, October 04, 2013

Salt Lake Tribune: Donna McAleer Again Running Against Rep. Rob Bishop

As to candidates Clemens and McAleer... Too bad we can't choose them both

Good news for the beleaguered voters of  Northern Utah's Congressional District One, as we learn that another Democratic Party candidate, one fairly  familiar to us, i.e., Donna McAleer, has again thrown her hat into the ring, with an intent to unseat Republican Congessman-for life, Rob Bishop in the 2014 1st Congressional District race
With Ogden's own Peter Clemens also already having declared his own 2014 Congressional District 1 candidacy, it looks like the Utah Democratic Party has some tough nomination decisions to make.

Seems that incumbent District 1 Congressmman Rob Bishop has caught signifiicant heat locally, due to his lemming-like support of this week's Republican Party-borne U.S. government shut-down, by the way, in connection with yesterday's Ogden protest, outside Rob Bishop's "vacant" Ogden Federal Building Office:

First question: "will any of this 'stick?'" Sodden question #1:  Once U.S. House representatives such as Congressman Bishop ultimately back down from their bizarre political stance, by which they've taken America hostage, by shutting U.S. government down,  will Northern Utah voters still remember remember who was responsible for this idiotic and ill-conceived political stunt?
Sodden question #2:  Would even a re-incarnated Joseph Smith (or maybe even Bringem Young) be capable of "winning" the 1st District Congressional race against our GOP-entrenched Mormon "Bishop," for instance, if either of them might hypothetically  ran as a Democrat? So many questions... so few answers. As to candidates Clemens and McAleer... let the best of them win the Demo nomination.

Too bad we can't choose them both.


James F. said...

Good, Rob Bishop's phone has a recording tell people to complain to Sen Reid.

Bill H. said...

Donna and Peter are both incredibly smart. For me this going to be hard choice.

Ray said...

Having good choices is a great plus. Hopefully a strong opposition candidate comes out of the Primary. Maybe as an outcome of the current debacle in DC the voters will elect to oust Mr. Bishop who is trying to placate federal workers by voting for back pay.

blackrulon said...

Are you certain that the R next to a name on the ballot doesn't mean Reelect?

Danny said...

It's nice to see Republicans standing up for something for once. If people want the government back up, they can tell Harry Reid to come to the table and fund everything but Obamacare.

rudizink said...

"It's nice to see Republicans standing up for something for once.'

So what are they really "standing up for,' really, Danny?

BlueSky said...

If The Church decides it wants Bishop, people will forget.

blackrulon said...

The GOP/TP as it currently exists does not stand for much of anything but it seems to be against lots of things.

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