Thursday, October 17, 2013

Standard-Examiner: Default Avoided, Shutdown Ends, But Anger Lingers - Updated

Sodden question: Was Cruz, Mike Lee's shutdown quest a fool's errand?

The Standard reports on last night's bi-partisan "deal," whereby our U.S. Congress pulled a rabbit out of its hat and voted to reopen and fund the government into January:
The Washington Post reports on the respective Senate and House votes:
The Senate voted on a bipartisan bill to reopen the government and extend the debt ceiling. The final tally was 81-18.
The House voted to end the government shutdown and raise the debt ceiling late Wednesday night, by a final tally of 285-144.
    A Weber County Forum Tip of the Hat to the following Utah-based federal legislators, who demonstrated the maturity and wisdom to place the best interests of this country ahead of political expediency, by voting in favor of the compromise bill:
    Notable among the Congress-critters who voted against the last-minute "deal" were the following members of our Utah congressional delegation:
    With a federal general election coming up in another relatively short 12-1/2 months, we'll assume that our ever-savvy and politically-wonkish WCF readers will write this info down so the don't forget it.

    And via the Standard-Examiner, we'll raise the sodden question:
    (Hint: the correct answer is "yes.")

    So what about it O Gentle Ones?  Is your blogmeister the only one who's feeling "warm and fuzzy" this morning?

    Update 10/18/13 4:23 a.m.: the Trib chimes in this morning with this top-flight editorial
    This handy graphic scorecard displays the final results:


    marko said...

    We'll be back in trouble again in January, of course, when these GOP Tea Party jackasses kill the economy again, when this whole "boil on the backside of America," i.e. the Tea Party movement girds up it's flaccid loins to kill the U.S. economy again.

    Ray said...

    The Utah fools did help get a 24 billion dollar hit to the economy according to Standard and Poor. But hey, they probably feel pretty good about it since according to them "It's all Obama's fault". Hopefully voters won't forget come the mid-term election. Perhaps a good illustration for change to Utah's caucus system. I'll will never forget non-vets Cruz, Lee, Palin trying to politicize the Million Vet March in D.C. h'mm maybe a good slogan for 2014 mid-terms- 2013 SHUTDOWN-NEVER FORGET

    RebelWithACause2 said...

    The Republicans did their best to stop the funding of Obamacare because that is what their constituents wanted them to do, and until the president went to the extreme which had never happened before in a government shutdown where all the monuments, parks,1200 miles of the Atlantic coast, as well as some private homes and businesses were closed, all with the intention of making it as miserable for the American people as possible (that will show them to oppose his health plan, right?) At that point the people gave up on their defunding quest because the consequences imposed were consequences less desired than the defunding attempt be continued. So they were forced to give up the good fight, for now.

    blackrulon said...

    Perhaps people realized that it was not a good idea to take financial responsibilitiy lectures from a Senator (Mkle Lee) who declined to make his home mortage payments.

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