Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Standard-Examiner: Downtown Ogden to See 128-unit Complex in 2 Years

A million bucks from the O-town sheeple... for temple workers???

By Smaatguy

From this morning's Mitch Shaw story:
OGDEN -- Another large set of new apartments will be built in downtown Ogden within the next two years.

The city council has approved an agreement between the city and IDG Horizons Development to bring a $15 million, 128-unit apartment development to the northeast corner of 23rd Street and Washington Boulevard, directly across the street from The Junction...

As part of the agreement, Ogden will pay IDG Horizons 100 percent of available tax increment generated by the development until December 2030.
Another taxpayer "haircut"
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More subsidies....a million bucks from O-town sheeple.... for temple workers???


They cant fill the empty apartments that are there now above Deseret Book...



Adrian W. Eads said...

Shouldn't the "owner" of the property with their large cash reserves be able to do this without taxpayer funding. Call it IDG Horizons all you want. Anyone with pulse knows a certain religious organization owns the property so they can control what goes there.

rudizink said...

Perhaps this a roundabout way that "some" city officials may believe they can cover their "tithing," LOL.

Of course bribery economic incentivising of big time Ogden City developers is standard practice in Ogden, so there's really nothing new here with our crony-capitalist Ogden City, unfortunately.

James Humphreys said...

I have not seen the plans for the new development the church is putting on the east side of Washington across from the temple. Also multi use if memory serves was promised. They have torn down a number of blocks, when will they fill them and at what cost to us?

smaatguy said...

They are building thus with a proforma in mind ..including our tax kick in...takes that out and what could it would they build...likely the same damn thing. ...that's a lot of units. ...Ogden MTC on the way....said it years ago...

Ray said...

For a lesson in extreme political hypocrisy read todays Paul Rolly column titled "Vets scold Lee, Cruz, Pallen for hijacking their rally" (Salt Lake Tribune) He also highlights other embarrassing Utah politicians Chaffetz and Bishop and their roles in the infamous rule change.

Courtney Jon White said...

Of the issues I've heard of in Ogden, a lack of housing for rent isn't one of them. I'm going to stop short of calling this a swindle, but at best it's a horrible case of playing make believe. We do not and will never have a shopping district like Salt Lake Cities (and how much of their downtown is hinging on tax incentives?) nor will we reclaim the golden years Ogden's downtown. I highly doubt that these apartments would be profitable for the company without these incentives, and by the time they stop getting them, they will have aged 15+ years.

We need to concentrate on bringing REAL jobs to Ogden, such as manufacturing and technology jobs, that bring in money from other places, instead of shopping that does nothing but cycle money around, at best.

*Off Soapbox*

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