Friday, October 18, 2013

Meyerson: Tea Party Seeks to Purge GOP "RINOS" (So Called)

Moderate Utah Republicans, please take note -- Time to take corrective action, while you still can
Like the Stalinists and the Jacobins, today’s tea party zealots have purified their movement — not by executing but by driving away those Republicans who don’t share their enthusiasm for wrecking their country if they can’t compel the majority to embrace their notions. Today, there are fewer but "better" Republicans — if "better" means adhering to the tea party view that a United States not adhering to tea party values deserves to be brought to a clangorous halt.
Salt Lake Tribune Op-Ed
Meyerson: Tea party seeks to purge GOP
October 17, 2013

If anything illustrates just how far today’s Republicans have drifted from their traditional moorings, it’s the dismay with which their longtime business allies have greeted their decisions to close the government and threaten default. Such pillars of the Republican coalition as the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, the National Association of Manufacturers and the National Retail Federation have called for an end to the shutdown and an increase in the debt limit. Bruce Josten, the chamber’s executive vice president for government affairs, told The Washington Post last week that his organization is considering backing primary challenges to tea party incumbents.
Salt Lake Tribune Op-Ed
Meyerson: Tea party seeks to purge GOP
October 17, 2013

Today’s tea party-ized Republicans speak less for Wall Street or Main Street than they do for the seething resentments of white Southern backwaters and their geographically widespread but ideologically uniform ilk. Their theory of government, to the extent that they have one, derives from John Calhoun’s doctrine of nullification — that states in general and white minorities in particular should have the right to overturn federal law and impede majority rule.
Salt Lake Tribune Op-Ed
Meyerson: Tea party seeks to purge GOP
October 17, 2013

First rate Herald Meyerson (Washington Post) op-ed, via the Salt Lake Tribune:
Moderate Utah Republicans, please take note.

Time to take corrective action, while you still can, to avoid landing the Grand Old Party (GOP) in the dustbin of history.

On a local level, passage of the now-pending Count My Vote Initiative, and eliminating the current Utah right-wing extremist caucus/nomination system stranglehold would be a great start, or so it seems to us.


smaatguy said... this Godfrey's gig trying to be the actual developer on this?????

Doug said...

Rudi, For Republicans to take advice from a Harold Meyerson is akin to inviting a Trojan Horse into our abode.

rudizink said...

It's an important message for all Republicans, Doug,
which shouldn't be ignored despite some folks' distaste for the
messenger. And speaking of "trojan horses," that's how "sane"
Republicans should view some of these irresponsible Tea Party
infiltrators, I think.

Danny said...

Ok, let me get this straight:

For the hardcore, fruitcake leftist media:

Republicans: Ineffective minority lapdog "moderate" party that goes along with big government = good.

Republicans: Standing up for what they campaigned for = bad.

My take: Media unhappy with Republicans = good.

rudizink said...

Count me in, Danny as siding with "the oligarchs":
Robert Reich: We hear that there's a civil war
And a pox on any Tea Party nutcase who promised to shut down the gummint (and wreck the economy) as a part of any crackpot campaign pledge.

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