Friday, October 11, 2013

Breaking: Veteran Reporter Cathy McKitrick Returns to the Standard-Examiner

Welcome back to O-Town, Ms. McKitrick!

By: The Cathy McKitrick Fan Club

Fantastic news for Ogden political wonks, as we learn this morning that Cathy McKitrick, a diligent and skillful reporter on the topic of "all things Ogden," after 8 years reporting for The Salt Lake Tribune, has "returned to her roots at The Standard-Examiner, covering Weber County and whatever else comes her way."   Here's the full skinny, cheerfully gleaned from Cathy's Facebook page:
FB friends, many of you responded so wonderfully when I let you know I'd been laid off from The Salt Lake Tribune on Sept. 12, 2013. (The words of encouragement helped me through a rough patch) So now I need to tell you I'm back reporting for the newspaper that gave me my start — the Standard-Examiner. Today was my first day back in the Ogden newsroom where I cut my journalistic teeth from May 2000 to May 2005. Right now I'm covering Weber County and whatever surprises come my way. You can still find me on Twitter at @catmck, or email at And every now and then I'll come up for air on Facebook.
With the recent departure of Ace reporter Scott Schwebke to his new gig with the Orange County Register, it's great to know that the ever-Ogden savvy Ms. McKitrick will be back in harness, capably "filling the gap" and covering "the Weber County/Ogden Beat," Yes?

Welcome back to O-Town, Ms. McKitrick!

"Carpe diem," Standard-Examiner management!


blackrulon said...

Welcome home. It is great to see the S-E hiring reporters. I hope that Ms. McKitrick will cast a more skeptical eye on local goverment that Mr. Schwebke did.

BlueSky said...

This should be FUN ! A reporter who does their homework and asks questions. Welcome back, Kathy.

reality strikes said...

Pretty Smart! The Standard just hired back the "Trib's" best reporter!

blackrulon said...

While I have no desire to impugn your reporting skills I must disagree. Some of your reporting, whether driven by management at the paper or friendship seemed to consist or simply rewording Ogden City press handouts,

Scott Schwebke said...

Completely untrue.

smaatguy said...

Awesome news for Weber County!!!

Danny said...

Scott Schwebke was one of the most lazy, inept, incurious, power-worshipping, useless excuses for a reporter I have ever seen. Having him leave any paper, improves it. How he found the gumption to travel all the way to California is the only mystery here.

Cathy McKitrick on the other hand, was the opposite of all of the above whenever I have read her.

What a great trade! Thanks Standard Examiner!

Now get to work, Cathy! Godfrey is gone but the city and county are still infested with rats. Shine a light on them.

Bob Becker said...

There has been a problem with SE reporting municipal government's self-serving statements for quite a while. The decision not to fact-check mayoral press releases, for example, is an editorial one. If the editors/ publisher wanted Hizzonah, Mayor Godfrey's grandiose press release claims fact checked before being summarized and reported, they'd have been fact-checked first. If they want Tenspeed's fact checked before reporting, they will be. If not, they won't.

I am happy the SE has picked up Ms. McKitrick. But I figure she'll shortly be accused of carrying the Weber County Comission's water, etc. when she reports one of their press releases that WCF readers' don't like. She'll be accused, of "having the Commisioners' numbers on speed dial.". ( She'd better. A reporter who didn't woukdn't be doing her job.)

blackrulon said...

Well okay then. It is nice to learn that the reporter that covered Ogden politics had absolutely no responsibility for his reporting of local political news. But then again compared to what Dannjy said in his post I am looking pretty friendly to Schwebke.

Bob Becker said...

I don't think Ogden city hall is her beat. Isn't there another reporter assigned to that?

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