Monday, October 21, 2013

Election Signups End "Monday," Voting begins "Tuesday"

Nope.  Pre-election voter registration ends @ 5 p.m. today

Quick reminder from the Trib for those folks who'd like to vote in the 2013 Utah Municipal elections:

Monday [today, 10/28/13] is the last day for Utahns to register to vote in city elections on Nov. 5.
Lumpenncitizens with a current Utah driver license or state identification card may register in person at their county clerk’s office or online at, according to the Salt Lake Tribune.
"If you snooze, you lose," as the old saying goes.

Sorry, folks. We can't "esplain" the Trib's vague story and possibly deceptive headline.

The true  story?  Voter registration for the 2013 Elections ends today. And yes, we've confirmed that with the Weber County Clerk's office.

If you're not yet registered to vote, you can prepare to fulfill your minimal "Civic Duty," today, folks.

Just another helpful pre-election tip from your Old Pal, Rudi.


Danny said...

I wonder if we will be needing Donny Dolittle to put out a voting guide ....

rudizink said...

I vote Yesssss!!!

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