Friday, October 25, 2013

Washington Post: In Utah, Tea Party Favorite Sen. Lee Faces GOP Backlash Over Government Shutdown

Mike "Shortsale" Lee, poster boy for the decrepit and archaic Utah caucus/convention nomination system.

Via the Tribune's Pat Bagley, who says, "Sen. Mike Lee (R-Deadbeat) who defaulted to the tune of $400k on his home mortgage, is telling Americans that the way to govern is to default on the national debt":
Gotta say we wax nostalgic for the "good old days," when real conservatives considered debt default to be "a bad thing."

Mike "Shortsale" Lee, poster boy for the decrepit, archaic and stunningly un-democratic Utah caucus/convention nomination "system".

Keep your eyes on Weber County Forum, folks, as the Count My Vote citizen initiative petitions will be arriving in your neighborhoods very soon.  When these petitions are available for your eager signatures, WCF readers will be the first to know, of course.

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