Sunday, October 13, 2013

Standard-Examiner: Ogden Election Candidates Excited About Ogden City's Future

Eight Ogden City Council incumbents and challengers seemingly stand up for "motherhood and apple pie"

It's with some reluctance that we direct our readers' attention to this morning's Standard-Examainer story, a factually "thin" virtual puff-piece, boiling down eight (count'em 8) Ogden City Council candidates' campaign platforms to a couple of brief paragraphs per candidate, wherein each incumbent and challenger seemingly stands up for "motherhood and apple pie," as one ever-savvy Ogden City political wonk wryly remarks.
Adding insult to injury,  Council At-Large "B" candidate Courtney White, a candidate of the "libertarian" political persuasion, justifiably complains he's not only been misquoted, but that the quotes attributed to him run just exactly opposite of his philosophical beliefs.
I think you used Marcia L. White's quote as mine. I think we need to stop using business incentives, and instead need to have a fair business climate for all of Ogden's businesses, new and old.
I'll expect a retraction.
Courtney Jon White.
I could have misspoke in the interview. I do support small business, but not with incentives. I simply think it's wrong to ask small businesses to pay taxes while their new to the city competition is given tax breaks.
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Sad state of affairs for Standard-Examiner reporting, where a mere three weeks preceding the November 5 Ogden Municipal election, this is the only 2013 Ogden City Municipal Election story which our home town newspaper has seen fit to publish relating to these important Ogden City Municipal races, aside from one concerning the "ever-important"  urban chicken-ranching issue, of course.

And even at that, SE reporter Mitch Shaw can't get the story right.

In that connection, we'll again refer our readers to our right sidebar 2013 Ogden City Election module, where we've compiled and [posted a robust collection of web links and articles, concerning the campaign endorsements, platforms and political views of all eight candidates, which online "feature" even now seems to be the only 2013 Ogden Municipal Election resource for those prospective voters who don't wish to rely upon the Standard's heretofore lackluster reporting.  For starters, try this link:
Click the rest of the links in our right sidebar module to learn more.

We hate to criticize S-E reporter Mitch Shaw, who usually does a pretty good job with his reporting.

We suppose he had a "tight" deadline to make.


James Humphreys said...

I know that the candidates have been asked to send their answers to some questions for the editorial board so they can decide whom to support. Perhaps that will be better.

Bob Becker said...

Re: Mr. White's complaint. Please note his "edit" in which he concedes he may have mis-spoke during the interview. If that means he in fact was quoted accurately, it leaves him in the position of having complained that the SE reported what he said, rather than what he meant.

rudizink said...


Courtney Jon White said...

I highly doubt that any of the words of that quote were mine. I remember that interview going in a totally different direction. If that quote is based off something I mistakenly said, it was still fabricated whole-cloth

blackrulon said...

No i believe what the reporter put in the story. Your problem is that your words actually represent your position. Seeing your words in print show the voting public where you stand on issues. You now wish to change your own words to cast yourself in a better light. Do not blame the reporter. Take responsibility for your own words.

blackrulon said...

Really? Again, blaming the reporter for reporting your remarks that you now repudiate? Take responsibility for your words. But then insulting me because i cast doubt on your motives is a very convenient excuse.

rudizink said...

I dunno, BR. I've known Mr. White, and have been in relatively close contact him since his last council run. I'm familiar with his libertarian philosophy (which I to a great extent share); and I thus find it difficult to believe the words "[w]e need to give incentives to small businesses to open in Ogden and stay open and thrive" could ever have come out of his mouth. And I can also vouch for the fact that Mr. White has been entirely consistent in his opposition to to businesses incentives (taxpayer handouts and subsidies) across the board, during the course of time I've been following his political activities.

My take? Mr. Shaw simply made an honest (but rookie) mistake.

Bob Becker said...

Don't know if Mr. White misspoke or Mr. Shaw misqouted him. Do know Mr. White says the quote is not his, and asked for a correction. Given the closeness of the pending election, seems to me the SE is obligated to reply with either a correction or a statement that it stands by its story. One or the other. Soon.

rudizink said...

Thanks for the link, Dan. I've also been informed by the ever detail-oriented Municipal Ward 3 candidate Turner C. Bitton, that there's a pending Standard-Examiner candidate questionnaire with a September 17 due date floating around out there, so I'll venture to assume that the Standard has something a little more "meaty" coming up

Dan S. said...

September 17 or October 17?

rudizink said...

Sorry folks. October 17.

Courtney Jon White said...

He says that he stands by the quote, so I've offered him an apology. I can say that I will not vote for giveaways to businesses in Ogden, but will instead look at lowering taxes and/or reducing the city erected barriers to business.

rudizink said...

Stubborn, ain't he?

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