Monday, October 14, 2013

Sunday Funnies: Utah Senator Mike Lee Skips Church Services to Stage a Photo Op - Updated

"Power to the People," sez shutdown co-conspirator Senator Mike Lee

With his Utah polling numbers slipping, Tea Party Senator Mike Lee skipped his LDS church services on Sunday, and hooked up with his cronies Sarah Palin, Ted Cruz and a handful of easily manipulated U.S. military veterans to stage a high profile photo op:

Read the full Salt Lake Tribune story:
"Power to the People," sez shutdown co-conspirator Senator Mike Lee.

Quick, O Gentle Ones! Can anyone amongst our vast collection of ever-savvy Weber County Forum political wonks explain what's wrong with this picture?

This will be on "the test." of course.

Here are a few helpful hints to add to your crib-sheets:
Update 10/14/13 7:19 a.m.: Oh; and here's another relevant one, inasmuch as this whole story involves a purported U.S. military veteran protest:
Update 10/15/13 8:00 a.m.: The Trib's Paul Rolley reports that the tea party shutdown co-conspirators within Utah's congressional delegation are suddenly missing in action:
"Lee appears to be cracking from the pressure of the mounting anger toward him. His communications director, Brian Phillips, told a reporter for the Deseret News that not only would Lee not comment about recent polls showing the senator’s approval rating sinking fast, but also Lee would not grant an interview if the reporter even broached the subject. By speaking only with Fox News, Glenn Beck and others media types who encourage them and avoid weightier questions, such Republicans in Congress live in an echo chamber and have lost touch with average Americans," Mr. Rolly speculates.

Go figure:
Have at it, O Gentle Ones... 


rudizink said...

Pretty funny, no?

RebelWithACause2 said...

Rebel With a Cause2: Guy Benson, a writer who writes for, writes today about a Washington Post evaluation of the government shutdown situation in which he quotes them as saying,"The Democrats are adding a new goal to their shutdown strategy late in the game: ''Break the Republicans." Then Benson writes, "The Post story details the roots and depths of Democrat's intransigence throughout the current shutdown and debt limit crises. Party leaders have strictly enforced their "no negotiations" position, even when various factions were tempted to heed the will of the American people and negotiate a resolution." Senators Lee and Cruz and Sarah Palin were there at the Memorials because they support the veterans and regret the disgusting way they have been locked out of their memorials while it was opened up a few days, later, for the Democrat leaders to welcome in illigal aliens.

blackrulon said...

One of the interesting things about the polls which gave highly unfavorable ratings to Senator Lee. Both the BYU poll and the Deseret News/KSL poll were attacked by Lee supporters as being biased and not representative of true public opinion. Some went so far as to accuse the Deseret News and KSL of being left wing liberal media outlets.

smaatguy said...

OT....more subsidies....a million bucks from Otown sheeple.... for temple workers???
they cant fill the ones that are there now above Desert Book....

Ray said...

For a lesson in extreme political hypocrisy read todays Paul Rolly column titled "Vets scold Lee, Cruz, Pallen for hijacking their rally" (Salt Lake Tribune) He also highlights other embarrassing Utah politicians Chaffetz and Bishop and their roles in the infamous rule change.

rudizink said...


rudizink said...

I've searched the Trib site, but couldn't find the headline which you cited. Found this though, which is posted under a different headline:
Paul Rolly: Chaffetz gets schooled in viral video; Veterans scold Lee

blackrulon said...

There is a article titled "No-arrest protest" written by Colbert I. King of the Washinton Post that appears in the Tribune editorial section.

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