Tuesday, October 08, 2013

Breaking: Herbert Picks State Rep. Spencer Cox As New Lieutenant Governor

GOP "moderate" Gary Herbert  appoints another political "moderate" to the Utah Lt. Governor Post

Amidst a all the WCF-sponsored  hullabaloo, and on the heels of way too much silly Utah media speculation, here's the latest good news for Utah GOP moderates, and a kick in the head to the science denying, religious wacko GOP Utah Tea-party corporo-fascists, as they watch in awe, whilst  Governor Gary, the "bane" of  Utah Right Wing  wackos, appoints another fellow  GOP "moderate" to the second most powerful Utah executive government position, and decides to fill the soon-to-be-vacant Utah Lt. Governor post with a fellow Utah Non-tea Party moderate:
This is one Lt. Gubernational appointment which we'll be loving to watch, as the Utah GOP tea-party nitwits, and other wackos in the Utah religiouislature ultimately decide whether to approve this
GOP "moderate" appointment.

No doubt about it.  The progress of this appointment-pending will be interesting to watch.

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blackrulon said...

A GOP "moderate" in Utah is defined as someone who does not have Gayle Ruzicka/Eagle Forum number one on their speed dial.

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