Saturday, December 13, 2008

The Big Sky Conference Football Season Ain't Over Yet

A Griz National Title victory next week will add to WSU's amazing "Street Cred"

Quick note to Weber State University football fans. This morning's Standard-Examiner reports that Wildcats nemesis and Big Sky Conference rival University of Montana whooped #1 rated James Madison in yesterday's FCS semifinal game, thereby earning a birth in the FCS National Championiship Title Game, set for next Friday in Chattanooga, TN. Here's today's writeup from The Missoulian:
Pardon me, boys: Griz punch ticket for FCS title game in Chattanooga after beating James Madison, 35-27
We don't know about the rest of you WSU fans; but for our own part we'll be sending our powerful psychic vibes to the guys on the Montana football squad, hoping for a decisive victory in Chattanooga.

The season ain't quite over... even for our 2008 WSU football team. A Grizzlies victory would enhance the bragging rights of the Wildcats, Big Sky co-champions, so far the only team to beat Montana during the 2008 season.

And yes. We recognize that some Grizzly fans behaved in a seemingly rude and unsportsmanlike manner, subsequent to their victory over WSU on December 6 (see reader comments to this 11/07/08 Std-Ex story.) What else could we expect, we ask, from certain non-charm schooled fans from Montana anyway, (if you know what we mean and we think your do.) Having said that, we recognise that "some" WSU fans haven't exactly behaved like angels either.

Nevertheless, a Grizzly victory in Chattanooga spells nothing but good for Big Sky Conference and Weber State Wildcats prestige, in the final analysis.

That's our story... and we're stickin' to it.

And what say our gentle readers about all this?


Jersey Jim said...

I hope everyone watched today's other semifinal bracket FCW Championship playoff game between Northern Iowa and Richmond on the Mountain Network this afternoon.

Great game, decided in the final 12 seconds. Richmond 21, Northern Iowa 20.

Lots of talent in the rebranded 1AA, which gave us great professional stars like Jerry Rice.

I'm not sure the powerful Montana team has much to worry about with Richmond, however.

Still looking for the line on the Richmond-Montana game.

O-town sports fan said...


Thanks for picking up on the 'Cats great season this year. Fun bunch of kids to watch. Unfortunately, I was unable to make the last two home games and enjoyed reading the comments here after the fact.

Been a hell of a year for football in general in the 'ol Beehive State. Two top 25 teams, the JC football championship game at Rio Tinto even though Snow College came up short, and our 'Cats making a run for a championship in their division.

Not bad. Not bad at all.

Curmudgeon said...

Good editorial Sunday morning in the Standard Examiner dealing with Chief Greiner's predicament. Argues that he should win his Hatch Act appeal on the merits, but should not have run for the Senate in the first place, because Ogden does not need a part-time police chief. And with Greiner handing off some of his responsibilities to others in the Godfrey Administration, like Mr. Paterson, in an attempt to wiggle past the Hatch Act requirements, that --- a part-time police chief --- is exactly what Ogden has got.

Yesterday's editorial on Huntsman's proposed budget cutting plan wasn't half-bad either. [Could it be President Elect Obama's victory has inspired even the SE editorial board to uncharacteristic feats of reason and common sense? Dare we hope?]

RudiZink said...

Thanks, O-Town.

Your blogmeister confesses he's caught Wildcat Fever.

bullet sponge said...

It'd be great for Weber's rep if Montana wins, but also a bit depressing knowing that if not for a couple turnovers, that could have been Weber State with the national title. Let's hope this is the beginning of a nice string of success for the football squad.

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