Wednesday, December 03, 2008

A GOP Exercise in Shoulda, Coulda, Woulda

Rod Dreher: Ron Paul, If Only We Listened

Wonderful editorial in yesterday's Dallas Morning News, exhibiting courageous and uninhibited 20/20 political hindsight. We incorporate a representative sample of Mr. Dreher's text here:
But the truth is, if U.S. economic policy looked a lot more like Ron Paul's ideal than what we've had these past decades, the nation wouldn't be tottering on the financial abyss. Dr. Paul has long argued that an economy built on easy credit, insatiable consumption and deficit spending is a time bomb. He backs a national economic model based on savings, investment and production. An economy that depends so heavily on government intervention to keep it afloat is one that creates of necessity an ever more powerful state. The nationalization of the banking sector only increases the power of the central government and decreases liberty. Dr. Paul warned for years against what we're seeing happen today. But nobody – including me – listened to the old crank. [...]
How much better off would America be today if we had? We'll never know. Poor us.
Be sure to check out the full article below:
Rod Dreher: Ron Paul, If Only We Listened
Something for Grand Old Party faithful to seriously contemplate, we think, in the wake of a disastrous eight years of neoCON party dominance.

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RudiZink said...

We'll add an article postscipt here. This same article appeared on today's Std-Ex editorial page; and normally we'd have simply linked to the Std-Ex site. We'll add that linking to the Std-Ex site has always been our preference over the years.

Unfortunately... the Std-Ex unveiled some new web software this morning which no longer allows us to link to individual digital edition articles. In an age when other traditional print media are putting ALL their content online, and making their web sites as user and system resource friendly as possible, our home town paper has now adopted a user unfriendly, memory hogging, slow loading piece of trash firewall to further limit its web site usage.

Std-Ex management pays lip service to adapting to the 21st century information age... and yet this morning takes another giant step backwards.

Sad, very sad.

ozboy said...

Well Rudi, that's why it's known as the "Sub Standard". Did you think that by going into the electronic age the Suits of Sandusky were somehow going to become a quality news source? The one thing you can bet on when bean counters become news hawkers is that most every decision they make will be the wrong one. Unfortunately they will hang onto their tiny bit of recent (and temporary) good news as a sign they are news geniuses and doing it right.

P.J. O'Rourke said...

We blew it -A look back in remorse on the conservative opportunity that was squandered

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