Saturday, December 20, 2008

Las Vegas Bowl: The Provo Zoobs Get Whacked by the Arizona Wildcats

Final Score: Arizona 31, BYU 21

Here's a story that ought to be of interest to Northern Utah football fans: Brigham Young University got its ass handed to it tonight by the Las Vegas Bowl underdog, the University of Arizona.

A mere two minutes after the final whistle, the Salt Lake Tribune already has the story:
Las Vegas Bowl: Arizona upsets BYU 31-21
That's two BYU losses in a row. So much for the elusive "Quest for Perfection", we guess.

"Gotta love it," sez this Utah Alum.


Curmudgeon said...

Why don't they just rename the Vegas Bowl the BYU Invitational? It's pretty much turned into that anyway. And to face BYU, the bowl could automatically invite each year whatever Division I bowl-eligible team has not been to a bowl for the longest period. [AZ hadn't been bowling for ten years until tonight.] It would provide long-down programs a kind of easy way to get back into bowling without facing anything too challenging.

Just trying to be helpful with a few suggestions....

jason w. said...

The Quest for Irrelevance, indeed. Top-20 Zoobie self-righteous, pasty aholes -- most prominently Max "Sugar-high Provo freaks were screaming about me being a Heismann contender in October" Hall and second-team All American Austin "If you live your life righteously, on and off the field..." -- getting clowned by U of A miscreants. Poor THE SKI IS BEAUTIFUL BLUE. That famous Bonneville High School graduate, ski industry titan and lover of all types of onions must be distraught; maybe he feels as wronged as he did when those lying shysters from California blamed the 25th Street height restriction on "hick town" and that THE SKI IS BEAUTIFUL BLUE has "never been more embarrassed for my home" on their infeasible bullshit hotel development. "The future of our city is at stake," says THE SKI, but how does THE SKI react to this season's Zoobies? I suspect something like this: "The brass ring came around on the carousel and we didn't grab it." Console yourself with an onion-and-onion-paste-topped onion bagel this fine winter morning, THE SKI.


Curmudgeon said...

Now this, this is creative headline writing at its best. From today's SL Trib:

Las Vegas Bowl: BYU craps out, loses

Bill C. said...

We can all be thankfull that Colorado State saved the Mountain West from a totally embarrassing day by beating Fresno State.

ozboy said...

Mr. Curmudgeon:

Following entry for creative headline writing award from this Sunday Morning SL Tribune:

"Stink raised over smell from sewage treatment plant in American Fork"

Curmudgeon said...


Honorable mention, at least....

Fan of BYU opponents said...

Wonder if they are going to show repeats of this year's "BYU Invitational Bowl" on KBYU all year long?

What with all the PR and spin training the BYU "future leaders of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints, formerly the LDS, formerly Mormons"...will anyone EVER figure out that the continued gross over-exposure of the "religion/cult" is counter productive.

Will any old fart ever become "the Prophet" without hardened arteries, institutional/educational incest and have an epithany. An epithany leading to a "revelation" based upon an understanding of the counterproductive effects of the grossly overexposed Mormon BS? That the thinly veiled attempts at 1940-50's brain washing are passe and unappreciated.

That for 2/3s of the State of Utah, if not all, claims of Mormon membership and one hundred percent of "gentiles", are repulsed by and negatively reinforced by the continued dominance of "Temple openings, missionary exploits, general theocratic and legislative law making, and news reporting in all medias; TV, radio, and print at every level.

Will these mystic worshiping, screw your brethern, lying, socially retarded, incestuous, over zealous, social service sponge sucking, cretins EVER get a clue?@! Now understand please that not ALL LDS/Mormons fall into one or all of these judgmental categories...just a significant majority.

Hope not, as I get such a thrill rooting for every team which plays any sport against the BYU cry baby, whining, cheating, inappropriately aged, bottom feeders who make up the "faithful" at BYU.

I personally would dearly love to "Love my (LDS) neighbor" even more, but the decades of gross over-exposure by the Mormon PR bosses makes normalcy and harmonious communities almost impossible.

The whole Mormon "church" organization and Ward/Stake system is to blame. And the antiquated heiarchial power structure holds itself together using moral extortion (the threats of excommunication and resultant loss of family relations/ties). And this caste system also holds Utah back, (legislation favoring very large families, for example, which sap social services at the expense of more normal family sized households), just as fundamentalist Islamic over zealous organization and practices are largely to blame for disharmonious communities where ever they gather and mumble secretive oaths, mystic beliefs and secreted proceedings. And of course backward laws favoring those who abide by Islamic laws we consider barbaric and strange.

So here is hoping for an epithany and a new year's "revelation" from an old Mormon fart with hardened arteries and incestious upbringing. May we all see freedom from religious oppression and the demise of the Mormon theoracy in 2009... And thus have a truly HAPPY (and normal American)NEW LIFE!

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