Friday, December 05, 2008

O.J. Simpson Sentenced; Is This Karma?

Interesting hypothesis in the wake of O.J Simpson's Las Vegas court sentencing today

O.J. Simpson sentenced; is this karma?

Take heed, Boss Godfrey:

"Who in the hell d'you think you are... a superstar?"



Machster said...

Cool! Very cool.

Wm M said...

Hey Rudi ... screw OJ ... what a great video ... Lennon at his peak ... Yoko blind knitting ... man, you gotta love it ...


Love and peace fOrumTOWN ...

ozboy said...

This travesty sets justice back enormously. With OJ in the joint who the hell is going to find the real killers?

Don Quixote said...

Hey Ozboy,

Acrid dude. Man you know OJ has spent his fortune searching for the real killer. Even moved to Florida in pursuit. The man has searched every golf course from LA to Homestead.

Still suspect the house guest and a frame up.

Maybe some mud packing brute fudge freak in Carson City prison will exact the shank justice our black juror brethern and sisters failed so miserably to stand and deliver.

I am sick of his arrogant and miserable guilt ridden face coming to my TV.

Rafiki said...

"you better recongnize your brothers; everyone you meet"

Just beautiful amazingly beautiful.

Thanks Rudi.

We all shine on.

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