Friday, December 05, 2008

A Stark Contrast in Management Styles

One gentle reader thanks divine providence for WSU's appointed professionals

By Moroni McConkie

After seeing Weber State University's new master plan reported in the Standard, I can only say thank God WSU's professionals are appointed and not democratically elected. Otherwise it would be mired in the same fiscal and logistical malfeasance in which Elder Godfrey has submerged Ogden.


Jason W. said...

You're simply demonstrating your anti-business bias, Moroni, and I intend to expose you; I have the documents and emails to do so. I was in the room when you made anti-business pronouncements about proposed THE GONDOLA and besmirched Wayne Peterson, leader of his own famed Squirrel Patrol, who was going to save our boarded-up town with a golden gondola and a sewerless castle in the hills, serviced via shit orbs. I also have a photograph of you shunning the addition of onions and cheddar cheese to your chili, thereby bolstering my claims regarding your anti-business bias. IT WILL BE MADE KNOWN!


Moroni McConkie said...

Guilty, Your Honor, but could I be released on my own recognizance?

P.S. "I was in the room when ..." Oh, so Geigerian!

disgusted said...

a research park is it. will it need a hotel to house the visitors to the park. will it need a golf course for the hotel guests and researchers or will it need a gondola for those that want to go up to malan basin. stay tune.

dan s. said...

The word here on campus is that this news article is extremely misleading. Apparently the new WSU plan has not yet been developed, and the specific proposals discussed in the article are no more than "trial balloons" that WSU is seeking input on, from stakeholders such as the city council.

Or at least, that's the rumor I heard. We should probably stay tuned for an official communication from the WSU administration.

Meanwhile, chalk this up as yet another piece of sloppy reporting from the Standard-Examiner.

Rafiki said...

Jason; I have been reading this blog for about a year and to be honest I don't understand your use of "The Sky is Beautiful Blue" amoungst many other nicknames.

Perhaps Rudi can run a special episode of (the chip that is on Jason's shoulder). So I can catch up on the terms.

I'm not being standoffish but am truly just curious.

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