Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Froerer Property Tax Relief Bill

Sneak peek at Rep. Froerer's 2009 bill

In cooperation with our friends at Ogden Valley Forum, we provide a heads-up on
a residential property tax exemption bill that will be proposed by Representative Gage Froerer in the 2009 General Session of the Utah Legislature.

From Monday's Ogden Valley Forum article:
If passed the bill will provide relief for many residential property owners in Weber County and elsewhere who were required by county ordinance to build their homes on larger than one acre of land. The bill would also provide a vehicle for counties to penalize those individuals that illegally claim the homeowner’s exemption on multiple properties within the state.
Read the full Ogden Valley Forum article here:
Froerer Property Tax Relief Bill
The folks at Ogden Valley Forum recommend that you take a close look at this bill; and we at Weber County Forum wholeheartedly join them in that.

Contact information is available on the Utah State Legislature's site, for those readers who might wish to directly get in touch their own state legislators in this regard.


Lionel said...

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Not Clear On This said...

I'm not clear on this. Are you saying that property owners in Utah are successfully claiming homeowners' exemptions in multiple counties? How is this even possible in the 21st Century Information Age?

Skeeter said...

It is true. These property owners use PO Boxes for their mailing address and unless the properties are checked by the Assessor's office, they get away with what amounts to as larceny.

Gage Froerer tried to get a bill passed last year that would give him access to the Assessors records to try and eliminate this problem, but the bill died in committee.

It seems that no one wants to open this can of beans in our good old boy County offices.

republican corruption said...

Why does the Froerer business have all of Weber County School contracts for buying and selling the schools property? Now that's corruption. But if your a republican? Its OK

watching it happen said...

I understand that Rep. Hansen has a bill open and this would be that your property would be taxed at the purchased price and not go up over the years. This would be a lock in price and tax.

The Viking said...

Watching It happen, that sounds very much like a provision in Prop. 13 in California. It probably would take a statewide vote by the Utah voters. There are some drawbacks in the long run, but it may be an option. What is ironic, it appears we cannot even collect all the taxes that are owed now! We are never going to clean up this taxation problem until our leaders close the loopholes for the major developers, builders, and property owners that illegally claim extra tax exemptions.

Better System said...

Nevada does the taxation based on your purchase price, which is ultimately more fair. Plus, they have a 3% maximum increase in taxes each year. For this to work, we would have to become a "disclosure state" and give the assessor access to closing documents from title companies. I have a home in Mesquite, and even though they know just what I paid for it last year, the market value they are using is lower to recognize the drop in values. I think it's a better system.

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