Saturday, December 27, 2008

Science Saturday - Top Science Stories from 2008

Spotlight on this year's first significant end-of-year list

In the first of what we'll predict to be a tsunami of "best of 2008" lists as we approach the new year, here's something useful, we think, from our very most favorite cable TEEVEE channel (Discovery Science):
Top 100 Stories of 2008
We have MANY bonafide scientists who regularly read and post here; and in that connection we ask: Did Discover Magazine leave any of your important science stories out?

We know you're out there, gentle readers, as our web stats software can hear you breathing.

If there's another important 2008 science story that got left out, we invite you to link it in the below comments section. And if there are one or two bogus science stories that inadvertently got let in... we'd like to hear about that too.

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OgdenLover said...

There is some really astonishing stuff in that list. Really fascinating.

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