Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Tuesday Morning Emerald City News Roundup

An interesting array of diverse topics for this afternoon's open topic thread

Beyond the material which we've dedicated for discussion in this morning's transit oriented article below, there's also a plethora of other interesting stuff in this morning's Standard-Examiner. We accordingly present for our readers' perusal the stories and columns which particularly caught our eye this morning:

The Standard-Examiner reports on the first of what we expect to be a long series of disappointing parole hearings for poor old convicted Ogden Ponzi scammer Val Southwick:
Southwick before parole board today
Thoughtful perspective from WSU's Provost Michael Vaughn, who presents a sound argument for a less parochial community mentality among citizens and politicians along the highly-urbanized Wasatch Front:
We live today in a metro Utah
Appearing on the Std-Ex front page is this Loretta Park story, informing us that the legislative GOP majority, with an eye toward our declining local economy, is quite serious about deeper and further budget 2009 budget cuts. We hope our local city governments watch closely, and at least consider following suit:
House asks for budget session
Last but not least: for Ogden City history buffs. Check out this morning's Wasatch Rambler column, wherein Charlie Trentelman reluctantly deflates another well cultivated and nurtured Ogden City urban myth:
Ogden madam and Brigham Young's carriage
The Std-Ex lays out a particularly interesting array of diverse topics in this morning's edition, we believe. It's in that connection that we invite your reader comments, and designate this a Tuesday afternoon open topic thread.


Rammy said...

Godfrey scheduled a Europeon tour overlapping his best buddy's first parole hearing, when he should have been there arguing for leniency. What kind of "friend" is Matthew Godfrey anyway? Evidently there's no honor among thieves.

Curmudgeon said...

On the Trentelman column: well, that story about the Ogden madam buying Brigham Young's carriage and riding around town in it is the kind of story that, if it isn't true, it should be.

Fits in the same category as the story of the NY State legislator who was supposed to speak at a State Fair in the Jackson period. [State fairs in what one historian called "The Alcoholic Republic" tended to be well-watered affairs, so to speak.] The state legislator was having trouble making his way through the raucus crowd, and finally, he lost his temper and began shouting "Make way! Make way! I'm a representative of the people!" A few minutes of that, and a farmer standing right in front of him, turned around and shouted right back in his face: "Make way yourself! We are the people!"

Every term, I tell my classes that the story they're about to hear is probably not true, but it should be true, so I'll tell it anyway.

Same with Trentelman's tale of the madam and Brigham's coach.

whoops said...

Gondola tower collapses at Whistler
At least a dozen passengers are trapped inside two dangling gondolas

Monotreme said...

In re the discussion of daily newspaper woes, here's a datum:

Detroit newspapers end daily delivery

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