Monday, December 08, 2008

A Chance to Wish Senator Buttars a Happy Holiday

Sharing the love is what the holidays are all about
Unless you've been living under a rock somewhere, you're aware of Utah state senator Chris Buttars' (R-West Jordan) latest important legislative effort, a proposed 2009 bill urging retailers to battle back against a purported "war on Christmas" For those readers who've been "out of the information loop," here's the gist of it from Wednesday's Deseret News story:

Forget "Happy holidays." What Sen. Chris Buttars wants to hear from Utah retailers is "Merry Christmas."
The West Jordan Republican is having a resolution drafted for the 2009 Legislature that he said asks retailers not to "exclude Christmas from your holiday greetings." Resolutions, of course, cannot be enforced.
Buttars said he is seeking the resolution because he was contacted by several employees of a retailer he declined to name that had been told they couldn't say "Merry Christmas" to customers.
"We have a war on Christmas," Buttars said, invoking the battle fought this time of year by conservatives nationwide, including, since 2005, Fox News commentator Bill O'Reilly, who has said the issue is at the center of the nation's culture war.
In this connection, we'd like to direct our readers' attention to an amusing editorial retort in this morning's Salt Lake Tribune. Well... we think it's pretty danged funny:
A carol for Chris Buttars: 'We Wish You a Happy Holiday'
And we do concede the Tribune editorial board makes a good point with this:

The folks who find Buttars offensive should be happy that he's wasting his time attacking advertising executives and business owners instead of gays, minorities, immigrants and environmentalists. And they should be thrilled that he's seeking a nonbinding resolution instead of some crackpot law.
But there just has to more to it, we think. Important legislation like this has inevitably drawn the attention of the national blogging community, of course. The Daily Kos blog presents a citizen action plan, for those readers who'd like to share the holiday spirit:
Utah Senator Chris Buttars needs some holiday Cheer. Let's help him out!
We urge our readers to join thousands of citizens across the nation in wishing Senator Buttars a very happy holiday.

Sharing the love is what the holiday is all about, innit, gentle readers?


curious 1 said...

Keith Olberman had Buttars as the "worst person in the world" Dec 2 on his MSNBC show, higher then Bill O'Riley. Just google it and you can watch the video.

solid d said...

Buttars, is just one more reason I never joined the Republican Party.

I imagine there are a few whackos who are proud of him though.

one more thing said...

How many embarrasements can Utah stand before it affects business wanting to come to Utah. Liquor Laws, lawmakers taking gifts, Prop 8 support, no real sex education in the schools, high taxes, inversions, gun wackos, gondolas, cities in debt, etc...

ozboy said...

Buttars may be a real buffoon for sure, however he is not nearly as embarrassing or dangerous as our favorite coffin model/US Senator - Borrin Orrin Hatch. (next time you see a picture of the creep see if he doesn't look like a dead stiff in a coffin with his pasty white and thin looking skin!)

Hatch's latest idiotic move is to aggressively support the Presidential Pardon of a big time Cocaine dealer/Rap Music producer.

The sad part is that Hatch also turns his back on a Utah based situation wherein a small time pot dealer got sentenced to a 56 year term because he also carried a gun during one of his transactions. The sentencing judge was highly distressed because the laws are such that he had no other choice than to hand out this totally unwarranted long sentence. There are many people inside and outside of government and the courts (including the sentencing judge - the conservative Cassel) who are saying that this long sentence is outrageous and just plain wrong in this case, and that of all known convicts this one deserves a pardon.

The Cocaine dealer on the other hand had a relatively short sentence (which he has been now pardoned from). His crime was smuggling something like 60 pounds of Cocaine into the US. The scum bag also happened to have some credentials as a "music" producer and he also had an influential friend in Carly Simon who in turn lobbied Borrin Orrin to set the criminal free - which Orrin used his substantial influence within the corrupt Bush administration to do.

When asked why he didn't also lobby for a pardon for the minor pot dealer from Utah with the unreasonably long sentence, the ever so lame and stupid Hatch said it was because the pot dealer was known to use the drug where the cocaine smuggler wasn't! Now is this some great senatorial rationale or what! The idiot senator also made a lot over how "talented" this cocaine dealer was and how he looked forward to "working" with him in the recording studio! (I just can't wait to hear Orrin's new rap album!) The cocaine dealer reciprocated this mutual masturbation by proclaiming the "talented" senator as his new hero and saying how much he too looked forward to those wonderful creative recording sessions with such a giant talent as the senator.

All in all enough to make a person puke! Apparently in Hatch's narrow little world a scum bag who imports 60 lbs of cocaine (that is an extremely large amount by the way) is much more worthy of his efforts to free than a small time pot dealer who toked up. Any rational person should be able to recognize that 60 pounds of cocaine is infinitely more devastating to society than a little pot being dealt by a toker.

Just one more evil example of stupidity and arrogance by a very self righteous and narrow minded creep.

I vote for Hatch any day over the baffoon Buttars as Utah's most embarrassing and evil politician. At least Buttars' idiocy is sometimes funny, where Orrin's is almost always sad and stupid.

Moroni McConkie said...

Has anyone listened to any of the noble Senator Hatch's songs? Any opinions on their artistic merit?

Merle said...


Manilow light except with no talent. Pablum to sooth the mindless sheep who keep returning the moron to the senate.

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