Friday, December 12, 2008

Federal Loans for U.S. Auto Companies

Ron Paul on the Auto Bailout

"Nationalization ...without a whimper."


sad state of ignorance said...

Rudi, you are again providing the much needed service of trying to get our attention pertaining to the disaster Congress is creating.

From the comments you do not receive for your efforts to educate and wake us up, I believe the locals still do not realize what the results are going to be of nationalizing all our industry in this country - or at least what is left that has not been shipped overseas to make the rest of the world a better place for all the citizens of the world at the expense of our own people.

danny said...

Ron Paul is good on the issues, but he is so uncharismatic that his views are of little use. I read him, but I cannot listen to him.

It's like listening to some old coot leaning back in his rocking chair and rambling beside the pickle barrel before they take him away.

Again, he is right, but unbearable.

bullet sponge said...

Danny, unfortunately you've just outlined why our leadership can never rise above the level of mediocrity. People are impressed by shiny, smooth speakers, or bought off by those with mountains of money. The best and brightest don't lead our nation, but the most charismatic. I personally love listening to Mr. Paul. He tells it like it is, uses logic and common sense, and doesn't insult my intelligence with a bunch of vapid soundbites and false empathy.

Until we demand better, we'll continue to get Bushes and Obamas, When what we need are Pauls.

Jeremy said...


Thank you for posting this! Its a little sad that so few people can hear and understand what he's saying.

ozboy said...

Ron Paul is way too honest and makes way too much sense to have any power or influence in the corrupt and special interest laden halls of DC.

danny said...

Bullet Sponge,

What you said has some truth, but I disagree with the basic premise.

What we need are people who are not only good and wise, but also compelling enough to make a difference. This may be a rare thing, but it is what we need.

Knocking the way things are is fine, but it doesn't change the fact that things are indeed, what they are. We all have to play the cards we're dealt.

The world is what it is.

bullet sponge said...


Just the "good and wise" part is rare enough. Trying to find people like that who can capture people's attention and relay their message in a palatable manner is next to impossible.

I guess the reason for that is those with charisma realize at an early age they have a certain power over people. They begin polishing this ability and using it to gain more power. Less time is spent on nurturing one's brain and investigating ideas, and more is spent on acting the part.

You're right though. It is what it is. I'd like to see a day when people listen to the message instead of worry about what the messenger is wearing. Perhaps that day will come with the rise of more freeflowing information and ideas, but unfortunately it probably is a long ways off.

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