Saturday, December 20, 2008

Richmond Spiders Eat the Montana Grizzlies' Lunch

FCS Championship game final score: Richmond 24; Montana 7

For those diehard Wildcats football fans who still haven't quite put their purple rooting paraphernalia into mothballs, we offer this disappointing report on last night's FCS Championship Game, indicating that our 2008 Wildcat team won't experience any of that vicarious glory which might have resulted from a Montana Grizzlies 2008 national football championship:
Out-legged: Richmond Spiders tangle up Grizzlies 24-7
Tough luck, Griz. See ya's on the gridiron next year.


Curmudgeon said...

The Richmond Spiders?

Good lord....

RudiZink said...

Yes indeed, Curm... just another warm, fuzzy and cuddly collegiate team mascot.

Blatta said...

Yes, the arthropods now rule in FCS Sports.

Our day will be arriving however, very soon!

Get used to it.

Joe Jocki said...

How about the Weber State Puss Muffins?

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