Sunday, February 01, 2009

Bruce Edwards Finally Prevails, After A Painfully Extended Battle with the Boss Godfrey Administration

Significant property rights victory for a non-FOM*

Heartwarming story in this morning's Salt Lake Tribune. We incorporate Christopher Smart's lead paragraphs below:
Ogden » It could be seen as a battle over a sign. But perhaps more accurately, it's the story of one man's decade-long war with City Hall.
And, it's been a beauty.
Last week, Ogden's Landmarks Commission approved Bruce Edwards' proposal to restore a sign on his historic C.C. Keller Building on 25th Street -- a full 10 years after his original request.
"I outlasted 'em," Edwards chortled Thursday. "And the bottom line is, I was right."
Read the full story of the smart, persistent and ever-resourceful Bruce Edwards and his painfully extended battle with with Boss Godfrey, over what should have been the straightforward restoration of an historic Ogden City sign:
It took 10 years, but Ogden man beats City Hall
Next time you're prowling Two-Five Drive, by the way, don't neglect to check out Bruce's historic C.C. Keller Building, at 201-25th. Quite an interesting informational "gallery" displayed in his front window too, as the SL-Trib's Mr. Smart reports.

Great job, Bruce... and a hearty Weber County Forum Tip O" The Hat goes out to you this morning. The same for the new Landmarks Commission, who finally got around to doing whats right.
* Friend of Matt (Godfrey)


Curmudgeon said...


[And thanks for the pointer, Rudi. I missed the story completely in my Trib this morning.]

Restoring the historic sign should have been approved long long ago. The Puritans on the then-landmarks commission were wrong. And while I don't hold much with the kind of over-the-top poster attacks Mr. Edwards filled his street-level windows with, the Council was flat wrong to have tried to stop him from saying in his windows what he wanted to say. ACLU was right to take the case for him, and it was right that the City lost. Constitutionally protected speech does not have to be polite speech, nor does it have to be in good taste. [If only speech in good taste was permitted, Rush Limpaw would have been off the air long ago, and Sen. Hatch couldn't utter more than two sentences a month without risking a citation.]

So bravo to Mr. Edwards. When an ordinary citizen says to those in authority "No. I won't." on a matter like this, he stands tall for us all.

The first time I see the refurbished Becker Beer sign on his building, I shall raise a glass of some good Utah brew in salute. Sad that it can't be Becker Beer.

RudiZink said...

Hey Curm. I happen to have half case of Becker Beer down in my basement. It came with the house, when I moved in in 1993. It can't be over sixty years old. The cans are little rusty, but there's still fluid inside, in an unkown state of preservation. Wanna come over for a glassfull? [wink]

Bill C. said...

Curm! Where do you get off calling Bruce's window dressing over the top? It's all 100 % factual and accurate, and graphically phenomenal.

Curmudgeon said...


I just calls 'em like I sees 'em, Bill.

Rafiki said...

I'm hoping that he'll take the signs down now (funny as they were), and perhaps do something with the empty building. It appears to be storage now.

ET said...

Curm said:
Constitutionally protected speech does not have to be polite speech, nor does it have to be in good taste.............

Music to my ears. Thanks Curm.

If some of you have not done enough amusing SLC TRIB reading yet today, check out this article. The comment section is up to 452, and will continue for another WEEK:

Mormon church reports spending $180,000 on Proposition 8
452 comments so far

Thanks, Rudi for posting this SLC TRIB article on the resolution of Mr. Edwards' sigh. I read it in TRIB first. And was popping over to the WCF, hoping to see you had posted it already.

Dorothy Littrell said...

Matthew Godfrey may claim that this was nothing personal between him and Bruce Edwards just as I am sure he would tell you that my differences with him are all figments of my imagination.

I do concede that the Mayor is well-acquainted with the results of his own personal attitudes of narcissism and paranoia but I don't think he understands them.

Hats off to Bruce Edwards for staying the course and winning the battle.

I have read the court documents that Edwards authored. He is the best pro se litigant I have come across.

ozboy said...

This Tribune article only scratches the surface of the very long war that the Lil Lord has waged against Bruce. There are many more interesting chapters of persecution and harassment that the city, through its morally bankrupt "leadership", have waged against him. Except for a few minor set backs Bruce has beat them at every turn, including once in Federal court where Bruce represented himself against a whole phalanx of city attorneys - and be beat them! I believe it could be the only case in Utah Fed court history where a person has won while representing themselves. Not sure, but Bruce has many great stories of this saga, and it would be well worth any ones time to look him up and get him talking.

The bottom line is that the Lil Lord and his cadre of empty suits have squandered many hundreds of thousands of dollars of tax payer money in this ill advised, and ultimately unsuccessful vendetta against him.

danny said...

A suggestion:

Since the Standard was scooped yet again on an important local story, they could partially redeem themselves by telling us more about Bruce Edwards, his building, his plans and his issues with the Ogden City government. It would be fascinating and maybe even award winning.

Anonymous said...
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Bill C. said...

Danny, you're right. They should start by submitting a grama to document how much lying little matty's vendetta against Bruce has cost the taxpayers. Bruce has won multiple jugements against lying little matty and it would be very easy for the gondola examiner to report an accurate up to date score with details of the bogus nature of all lying little matty's positions in his defenses. And it isn't a simple dispute over a Becker Beer sign.

Anonymous said...

We followed this link expecting to read an intelligent discussion of this item, but were instead confronted by people trash talking a certain Mayor M. Godfrey.

One would assume that calling names and pointless put downs of a man elected to serve would be moderated from such a forum as this.

Really, lying little matty, over and over?

What will it cost us said...

Stephen M, The Mayor barely sqeeked by last election spending lots of campaign contributors money, mostly real estate and developers that have contracts with the city BTW. The mayors reputation for secrecy, bad data, deriding opponents is becoming legendary. His hiring of supporters relatives and wives has cost the city plenty, without much to show. Lease agreements for private businesses that don't cover the bond payments also comes to mind.

This forum isn't for boot licking, nor is it just to bash someone. It is an exchange of ideas concerned citizens that love Ogden and see the benefit of living here. Not the outsiders that are given grants to develop, tax rebates if they will re-locate here, city funds going to repair an elite recreaction center rather than sidewalks and water systems.

The $380K or whatever figure they gave us to repair the flowrider would pay for another year on the golf course, again another figue fed to us by the mayors office.

We need an commission to study the lost revenue of the junction, similiar to the golf course study group.

Anonymous said...

We noticed that you refrained from the use of grade school rhetoric in your righteous condemnation of the Mayor Godfrey administration.

We follow Utah politics as closely as anyone, and as such are well familiar with the citizens complaints you enumerate.

As someone who is well acquainted with city governance on both coasts, knows a bit about flyover state politics, and holds a political science degree, we give Mayor Godfrey a passing grade.
Perhaps a b minus.

We have found in maters such as this, that persons desire better leadership than they themselves are capable of giving.

But then again, we have no axe to grind as regards the Mayor of Ogden. It would seem some have such an axe; it would seem some have an interest in sharpening the axes of others.

RudiZink said...

"This forum isn't for boot licking, nor is it just to bash someone. It is an exchange of ideas [of] concerned citizens that love Ogden and see the benefit of living here."

Great restatement of the original Weber County Forum mission statement, What will it cost us.

I couldn't have phrased it better myself.


And a sidebar to the horribly out of tune Stephen M... an apparent "bootlicker" type...

Write down WICU's delightfully concise statement, Stephen... just so's you won't forget it.

Bill C. said...

Stephen M, only one post refers to the dishonest, self agrandizing, little crony serving creep you refered to as mayor, as lying little matty. A name he's spent considerable time and effort to come by. Have you some other motivation that has driven you to post what reflects an obvious minority veiw point?
I note that you fail to offer anthing in his defense. Can't think of anything can you? Neither can we. But I can tell by your ending you're getting the hang of it.

Anonymous said...

One notes your pretense to being somehow more honest in your dealings than our elected mayor; we dismiss that out of hand, as your word choices betray your very character.

Our obvious minority viewpoint was assembled out of our knowledge of human nature, and our ability to see "sour grapes" when they are being served.

One can always find fault with others decisions; a public figure such as the mayor, doubly so.
We have no need to offer anything in Mayor Godfrey's defense; he does just fine on his own, as evidenced by a victory in the general election.

The fact that our viewpoint is in the minority encourages us to laughter; rarely is the mob correct in matters such as this.

They are usually just failed pretenders to whatever game they rail against.
Our elected representative Matthiew Godfrey is the winner.

The majority viewpoint here: well, that would be the loser.

We love this town.

Bill C. said...

I have two questions Stephen. Did you read the mayor's response in the trib article?
And you say you've given him a b minus for a grade. What criteria do you base that on? And it would seem that integrety, honesty and ethical behavior don't factor in at all in your grading system.

RudiZink said...

"It would seem some have such an axe; it would seem some have an interest in sharpening the axes of others."

Sharp axes aren't necessary for the criticism of Matt Godfrey. The little twit will eventually be blugeoned to death politically, as a result of his own decidely "dull" and "dumb" political instruments.

To invoke another metaphor... Godfrey will be ultimately "hoisted" during his last mayoral administration... "by his own Pathetic Petard."

I can go on with this, BTW.

Howbout throwing in the towel right now, you poor and pathetic kneejerk Godfreyite?

Sorry, Stephen. You can't view Ogden politics from afar.

Tough luck for you, I guess, if your company has invested major bucks in "Boss Godfrey."

Anonymous said...

See, kids?
Poor rhetoric skills leads to spittle at the corners of the mouth of the blogger; an opinion with which they disagree leads to the blogger calling a total stranger a, "...poor and pathetic kneejerk Godfreyite...".

Notice the boldness engendered by anonymity, kids?

Such anger; it obviously has deeper roots than a mere small city mayor making decisions one disagrees with.
We would guess the blogger has family members who could speak to the scatter shot anger issues; whatever.

We notice the blogger getting some sort of Sean Hannitty`esque satisfaction at calling Mayor Godfrey a "little twit".

Such is the level of discourse in evidence here; such is the opposition to the Mayor of Ogden.

We love this town.

Anonymous said...

We are asked: Did you read the mayor's response in the trib article?

We did not. Could you point us toward the link? We are curious to read what Mayor Godfrey has to say publicly on the Bruce Edwards matter.
We have see what Bruce Edwards is willing to allow in public; it is not very nice.

Bill C. said...

Stephen, you still have offered no answer to any question, nor have any of your responses been germane to the topic of the thread. You backed out of offering any defense for the mayor, lying little matty gondola godfrey, only that he won a squeaker election which you also failed to not the manner in which he and supporters conducted themselves and the near if not total illegal activities they engaged in. This leads me to believe that you know nothing about what you're saying. Rudi's probably spot on calling you a Kneejerk godfryite.

Bill C. said...

The link, is in purple in the main article of this thread. we must have been responding past eachother.
You keep refering as we, who's we?

RudiZink said...

Oh my. It seems we have a "rhetorition" plying our humble backwater community blog.

Oh my.

Eat me, Stephen M.. Rhetoric aside, there's no way any anon with a brain and economic sense can support LittleLyin'LittleMattGodfrey.

Nothing he's propsed yet pays out economically.

The little shit's now poised to be regarded historically as the worst-ever Mayor of Ogden.

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the link, Bill.

As for defending the Mayor, we did not offer to do so.
We just have our own opinion on the building in question, the law suit, and the personalities involved.

Finding this forum has been an eye opener; the vulgarity and name calling ill serves any rational discourse.
Is this what the opposition to Mayor Godfrey has to offer the city; Smartgrowth Ogden signage on unkempt lawns, straggly looking youth playing hacky-sack next to broken cars on blocks, and vulgar behavior in regard to matters civic? Dope smokers running city hall?

Perhaps if a real candidate was put forward, they would have defeated the mayor in the last go around?

Perhaps one can disagree with some of what the mayor does, without name calling?

Keisha said...

Bruce Edwards, through his winning persistence won the battle, Stephen M.

Be a man; step up and admit it.

Your weaseling makes me want to puke.

Don't be the weasel that you seem to be. Don't be the board laughing stock.

Anonymous said...

A man? Presumptuous!

When two people fall into the mud and slap each other, wrestle around for a decade, over who gets to stand first in line for the ill-conceived-idea parade,
neither win.
They both just look foolish, meanwhile the parade goes on.

Thinking diffently than others does not by itself make a person a weasel; it could make them an independent thinker.

Keisha, your ill health in regards to your stomach disorder suggests a visit to the doctor is in order.
See to it.

We love this town.

Bill C. said...

Stephen M, your leap of geirian faith astonishes me. How you came to the ridiculous illogical and stupid summary is beyond comprehension. I in turn will conclude by reluctantly hurling the worst insult in all of northern Utah directly at you despite your obvious handicap, blindness, you are a geiger, geiger geiger geiger.

Anonymous said...

We are sorry, "geirian"?
The reference escapes us; please elaborate.

You note our supposed lack of logic; could you be more specific?
Are you referencing the mud pie throwing contest between Bruce Edwards and Mayor Godfrey?
It is well documented; we have discussed the matter with both parties in question.
They are aware of our opinion.

We just think the "I Hate Godfrey" slant to this forum, other than being cathartic for those otherwise powerless in other matters of their lives, could use a bit of fresh air.

Really, you hate Matthiew Godfrey?
Is that really what you want to be remembered for, your opposition to: him?

One would think you could do better for a foe; perhaps not.

We are a Geiger? One could suppose this is an oblique reference to our fine chief of police?

Salt said...

Ahem, Stephen.

Our esteemed police chief is GREINER, not GEIGER!

Please at least try to keep up.

Anonymous said...

Than what is "geiger"?
And what or whom is, "geirian"?

As for keeping up, you will note that we have lapped the back of the field, and are rapidly gaining on any pretenders to the lead.

What is this, "regional public college" day?

Anonymous said...

Ah, Curtis Geiger.

Our upstanding Decente facilitator.
Calling someone a Geiger is an insult amongst the partisans of this forum?


It would seem that his success would be emulated, not derided.
But one could be expecting too much, we suppose.

Salt said...

LOL! You're pontificating about the Ogden that you love... and you don't even know what a "geiger" is?

Thanks for playing. Don't forget to pick up your door prize, as you exit this discussion via "stage left."

Whatever credibility that you pretended to have is now totally shot.

It's clear now that you're just another "Poseur."

How does it feel to be understood by locals as the moron that you are?

Scram, in other words.

Anonymous said...

We are amused at the pretense toward "credibility arbiter" posed by a random anonymous poster on a small city mayor-bashing forum board.

Really, a moron?
You think?
After attaining an advanced degree in political science, a degree in physics, and being granted tenure at a prestigious university, we are rarely derided by the appellation moron.

Perhaps we need to keep up on what foments within the ideoscape of small town America.
After re-reading on this forum what passes for political critique, perhaps not.

We love this town.

Salt said...

It's pretty clear by now, Stephen, that you actually know nothing about "this town" at all, despite your repeated references to your ridiculous repeated mantra: "we love this town."

Nobody's buying it, sonny.

Go find another town to plague with with your mendacious bullshit and clumsy rhetoric.

Thanks in advance.

Anonymous said...

...and thus, they descend back into the vulgarity pit.

No surprise.

One can only lament the us v. them in current public discourse, and the narrowing of choice in media until people read only that which solidifies their own reality tunnel, dismissing all else s simple "bulls**t".

We have rarely seen so much spite directed at a stranger from a group so solidly only half-right.

What do you all fear, fear to the point of displaying such ugly feelings for others, and with such foul language?

Oh, and point 1: no one spends more time down on 25th street than we do, right now.
and, 2: thanks for calling us "sonny". It makes us feel 50 years younger.

Salt said...

Keep flailing away, Stephen. Your persistent posts just serve to reinforce your flagging credibilty.

Have at it, sonny.

Make a total ass of yourself.

Who cares?

Anonymous said...

What? You are still here?

We were just drinking a cup of decaf coffee, thinking about our own home town v. or city of choice for the winter, Ogden, and discussing the same with some downtown business owners.

The consensus is that B. Edwards, while perhaps correct in his initial indignation at his treatment by the various city adults who told him, "no", nevertheless became a buffoon through his storefront signage and repeated use of grade-school playground tactics, rather than approaching the issue in an adult and civil manner.

It was the correctness of his case that won him his ill fought lawsuit, not the ch8ildish manner with which he pursued it.

Steve at Newcastle, Dan at Grounds, Tony at Tona, Pete at Roosters, Us at right here, all have been afflicted by this blight on downtown that we call Bruce.

Yes, he won. In spite of himself.

Salt said...

Yes, I'm still here, Stephen. And I will continue to be here to kick your irrational butt to the curb, every time you post your juvenile, logically convoluted and irrational mis-statements.

In truth, Bruce prevailed because his cause was just and right.

Nobody in Ogden who's worth his "salt" cares what pantywaist Ogden carpetbaggers like "Dan at Grounds, Tony at Tona, Pete at Roosters," or YOU think about it.

There are two types of people in the world, Stephen:

1) People like Bruce, who will fight for what's right (and kick butt in the process), and;

2) Weaklings and suckups like your aforementioned three, (and you) who are a cowardly cancer upon American society.

I'll remind myself to boycott these three Ogden cowards that you mentioned.

What's the name of YOUR 25th Street business, BTW, so that I can boycott the fourth of these too?

Thanks for your anticipated honest answer, Stephen... in advance.

I can assure you that Bruce was definitely NOT the bane of 25th Street, among other property owners, who admired his "spine," and cheered his victory over Ogden hubris and tyranny.

Anonymous said...

Still with the personal insults?

Ad hominem attacks ill represent your position; and your position is weak.

Anyone who thought Bruce's manner of civic disagreement was somehow anything other than a petty slap fight with himself, when a studied and forthright court fight would have yielded the same result, and have yielded it sooner, well, they would have to be of the same mettle as he who "won" this lawsuit.

For the record, again, Bruce...
I mean, ehm, Salt, the case was won on merits.
You lost in the court of public opinion. Bigtime.
The episode made you look like a fool.

Now, clean up your property.
It looks like it was refurbished by the likes of Michael Moore, someone you seem to have much in common with. And not just fashion sense and girth.

Bill C. said...

What kind of moron would laud the infringement of one's constitutionally protected rights? How much geigarian geigery can we be subjected to? Are you steven, the mouthpiece for some clandestine intellecually challanged group of nuts? you keep refering to yourself as if plural?
Again, you have offered nothing germane to this topic and can find no defense to gird up your seemingly blind affection for lying little matty.
This is not a feud as you want to dismiss it. The people of Ogden are sure to see it clearly when the bills and judgements come due.
You I repeat are a geiger, geiger geiger.
A geiger is something technically unable and or unwilling to grasp or understand facts, rationally express thought and totally void of acting in a moral or civil fashion.

Bill C. said...

Oh, and as far as unsightly propety on 25th st. Has the pathetic godfreyite fisher gone bust? The old Star Noodle Parlor appears as if it was a Hammas hiding place in Gaza. It's a public safety concern.

Salt said...

"Ad hominem attacks?" Nonsense, Stephen. I've merely characterized the lack of sophistication of your "argument."

And No. Although I'm flattered that you'd compare me with and intelligent and resourceful man like Bruce, I'm nowhere near the stoic property rights advocate that he is.

If you don't like the way Bruce maintains and quietly enjoys his property, which is his right by the way... maybe you and your cowardly friends should make him an offer and buy him out.

That's how it's been traditionally done in America.

"Crying" is not traditionally allowed in the traditional Capitalist game, so far as I remember.

Anonymous said...

You are going to boycott everyone who thinks those signs were purile and a blight on downtown?

How many adults, when passing your building with children, had to explain that there is a right way to approach a disagreement, and a wrong one?
You served, at least, as an example of poor civic behavior.
Try boycotting 95 percent of people who know about your immature tactics. Your tactics actually diluted your case in the court of public opinion; don't think the judge was not aware of your poor behavior.

It diluted your case; We said, "The Case Was Won On Its Merits".

The case was not won because of signs posted in the windows of a vacant building.

Our professional specialty, that of Constitutional Law, we will not address with you, due to your obvious lack of knowledge.

We have nothing to offer except to say, "Bruce and his supporters do not act in the best interests of the downtown area, and by associating themselves with grade school antics, only paint themselves in a childish light".

You do not win this argument simply by perpetrating ad hom attacks against a total online stranger, one who simply disagrees with you.

You all protest WAY to much.

Hating everything that Mayor Godfrey does is your right as a citizen; best of luck in that noble endeavor.

Anonymous said...

Bill, I never made an arguemt.

we just laughed at the flailing cadre of folks who thought that the way Bruce approached his disagreement with the city was somehow OK, the reason they give being that Mayor Godfrey is somehow a bad mayor.

We went even making an argument one way or the other, except to say the lawsuit was won on its merits.
Which is a compliment from us; constitutional studies are kind of "our thing".

We were pointing out the illogic of the whole episode, and how it was perpetuated by a man with something wrong with his character.
That would be Bruce, the guy with the cartoons in his window at the same time as having a case before the court.

Which, we might as well tell you, is not a good way to go about a disagreement before the bench.

Salt said...

Have you considered moving to Provo, Stephen?

Something tells me you'd be happier there.

This is Ogden, where the citizens don't take crap from little Mormon twerps.

Get used to it, so long as you decide to stay here.

Perhaps your problem is your unrealistic expectations.

Salt said...

"Our professional specialty, that of Constitutional Law, we will not address with you, due to your obvious lack of knowledge."


You can bet your bottom dollar I can beat you every day of the week on that subject.

Try me.

I love it when somebody pulls out what they think to be an "Ace," and it turns out to be the "deuce of queens."


Anonymous said...

"...little Mormon twerps..."

And on that note, we will leave you all to anonymously bash those with whom you disagree.

That quote pretty much sums up the tenor of this page, disgruntled Mormons and ex-Mormons, outsiders since grade school, who as adults now bash all things Mormon.

As for your shadetree law knowledge, we are of the opinion that our undergad degree in constitutional studies/pre-law, followed by an advanced degree in the same, leading to a shingle being hung outside our loft, will trump your time researching a single 1st amendment case.

Hey, its a living. ;>

Salt said...

I have news for you, Stephen. In Ogden, Mormons are the cultural outsiders.

You'd be happier in Provo, as I said.

As for your legal credentials, I'll bet you can't even find the local courthouse, let alone persuade anyone wearing robes inside.

I can spot a four-flusher in the bat of an eye; and my B.S. meter went off scale with you hours ago.

Good idea to go off and lick your wounds.

Take a nice long overnight nap; and maybe you'll feel more open-minded about the possibility of Godfrey administration corruption in the morning.

Curmudgeon said...

Without wishing to become involved in this amusing bickerfest [I'm sitting this one out], I'll just note that I'm always a little leery of people [like Stephen M in this instance] who use the imperial "we" when referring to themselves. Possibly unfair, but still, there it is....

Salt said...

Having traded barbs for the last several hours with this idiot, my guess is that it's probably the Schizophrenic "we."

what will it cost us said...

Maybe Stephen M is part of Ogden's secret government, giving special treatment to those they feel worthy.

By the way children on 25th street don't spend any money, they wouldn't know what the signs Bruce put in his window mean.

This cable of business owners Stephen M mentions, maybe Thane and company, how about fixing up those properties. What about all of the properties and homes Provident has signs in front of, snow and ice on the sidewalks never shoveled off, no enforcement by the city. If they love Ogden so much how about being good neighbors.

Bill and Heidi have run their businesses for over 20 years, lets have them comment on the Star Noodle building, Windsor hotel. Why doesn't the city give breaks to the City Club and Brewskis they probably pay more to the city in taxs than the Junction. They do the Harvest festival.
When the mayor did away with the street festival and the beer drinkers. Turning down sponsorships from Budweiser. Easier for them to take their money elsewhere.

Ogden isn't Provo and the kiddyland will never turn a profit for the city.

Bill C. said...

Well Curm, he never refered to himself in the singular, never offered why for any point or mentioned his criteria for grading, never offered anything provocative or countered any statement in a fact based response, denied knowing what was refered to as geiger but later offered an almost self absorbed bio of potato nose, tried name dropping but only mentioned relative newcomers to 25th st, and very few. I couldn't believe the huge leap he took when out of nowhere he spewed forth a most inaccurate characterization of Smart Growth, obviously out of ignorance one must conclude, he didn't acknowlege the fact that they only formed over a single issue and were overwhelmingly successful with almost total public support.
I had to chuckle at his claiming Bruces building unsightly but refused reponding about the state of the old Star Noodle Parlor, definately a public safety concern.
His hypothetical explaination of kids and Bruce's signs, that was a hoot. He's still trying to demonize the victim, who's rights were being trampled? It would be a fine oportunity to explain how important those rights are. And I'm sure those signs are quite popular with the kids, there funny, not obscene, and most kids wouldn't take the time to read the police deposition about the wife slapping incident.
Well, Salt probably hit the nail on the head with his remark about schizophrenia, Steven M went from casual political observer to political science major to physics major to a full blown constitutional law expert in one thread.
Well I hope shortdeck enjoyed his day off, blogging. I know it's been a bad mitten selling season and I hope for his sake his foreign masters haven't forced him to take time off, without pay. We all know he worships money so, I'm reminded of the look he gave me when I first asked him "who the hell is gadi leshem anyway".
Hey Seven, PEACE

Bruce Edwards said...

I have news for you, Stephen, you know nothing of which you talk about regarding me. I don't have to hide behind anomity. My Email is if your interested in getting the real facts. You think you know something on constitutional law. The ACLU attorney on Feb. 6, 2002 stated that Ogden's violation of the First Amendment of the United States Constitution was the most egregious violation since the Revolutionary War. On Jan. 2, 2002 I was warned by OPD that I was facing 30 years in jail if I refused to remove the signs stating that "Ogden is the Dope Capital of Utah", that "Why would anyone do business in Ogden" etc.. I told the officer that if everyone thought the way that he did we would still be a British Colony.
You have no ideal of what I have had to go through because of the stupidity of the administration of Ogden City.

Anonymous said...

We know how to find you, Bruce.
We see you waddling around your building almost every day.

Congratulations on winning your court case, righting the most egregious violation of a citizens constitutional rights since 1778.

Now perhaps you will quit your petulant hissy fit, and put it all in perspective?

We swear, you just cant make stuff like this up.
We love this town.

Oink said...

Could Stephen M be the Little Lord Godfrey? Has anyone else noticed how he constantly refers to "we"? Godfrey does the same, we,we,we.

Anonymous said...

If we were your mayor, we would have emptied the city coffers, and absconded to an island in the Caribbean not long into our inaugural term.

This being the right of any anti-hero citizen; the right to self determination, and the right to act as a legend.

And note: before we made an exit worthy of a lonely desperado lament,
we would have cleaned up our storefront.

Because that's what dad would have done.
He was always the good neighbor.

We love this town.

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