Tuesday, April 07, 2009

2009 Emerald City Municipal Election Poll

WCF reader query: How will the Godfrey cabal fund its city council candidates in 2009?

Sharp-eyed readers will note that we've made an addition to our right sidebar this morning. At the suggestion of one of our gentle readers, we've put together a poll, focusing on the 2009 Emerald City municipal election, which is looming just six months hence. Perfect suggestion for an otherwise slow news day, we think. In light of the recent Envision Ogden money laundering scandal, and the percipient injection of possible federal stimulus funds into the Ogden City treasury, our submitting reader has composed this series of timely and and highly probative queries:
How will the Godfrey cabal fund its city council candidates in 2009?
• Federal stimulus funds, laundered through Envision Ogden and FNURE
• RAMP grant plus creative accounting
• Stuart Reid shakes down BDO tenants yet again
• Gary Williams opens a sidewalk stand at the Farmer's Market, selling cures for all ailments
• All of the above
• Other (insert your own suggestion)
We invite all readers to click the link below to cast their votes. Alternatively, navigate to the "ballot" in our right sidebar:
Take the 2009 Municipal Election Poll
We haven't run a poll in quite a long while. Hopefully our readers will all participate and help generate data which will prove useful as the 2009 municipal election fast approaches.

Reader comments are invited, of course.

Have at it, O Gentle Ones.


summers eve said...

Karl Rove will be in town, working to have candidates souls sold to the Dark Lord , Dick Cheney. He is their father.
By the way Stuart Reid does have a very uncanny likeness to Dick Cheney.

danny said...

Corporate donations and sponsorships laundered through Envision Ogden.

City taxpayer money laundered through Ogden Community Foundation.

Sleazoid Realtor money laundered though the snow cone shop operating in the same building as the law firm where Blain Johnson works.

Entrance fees paid by taxpayers to use their own property at the 20th Street Pond laundered by passing through the trunk of David Goode's car.

Mayor discretionary city funds used to pay Jeff Lowe for consulting, some of which are returned as campaign cash after laundering at Lowe's taxpayer-funded office on 25th Street.

Contractor and banker kickbacks, based on anticipated contracts obtained to rip up the golf course.

Money Godfrey steals from his own kids' piggy banks, laundered by hand by Mel Kemp in the restroom sink at the airport.

Candy said...

and Godfrey looks like the devil, and john Patterson looks like Robby Douglas on my three son.

what would jesus say said...

Patterson is a known cheater, how can you trust anyone who cheats on their wife?

Wants Honesty in City Government said...

I understand that Stepehnson was the recepient of the Mayor's generosity during his 2004 campaign for the City Council District 2 seat. Too bad we didn't have Dan Schroeder doing GRAMA requests then!

Bill C. said...

Are these cures peddled by Gary Williams of the all natural, safe and effective variety that treat the real cause or just synthetically manufactured, isolated compounds that target a particular symtom, not the cause, and carry more detrimental side-effects than the potential benefit?

what would jesus say said...

It's nothing more than common ordinary snake oil Bill.

When the dirty rats get caught in a lie and cheating they are very quick to point fingers at others.

Anonymous said...

Apparently some people are very confused. I do not do anything unethical or illegal. I merely anticipate the future and act accordingly. After all the city council never punishes me. If it was wrong punishment would follow my actions. Just imagine the benefits to the owners of all of the empty property in Ogden when all of my dream plans become realized.I am more than willing to subsidize many more ideas that meet my approval. If private and secretive meetings with developers are helpful to them why doesn't the council members speak to me alone and away from that pesky public desire to have observe government in action and have some accountability. After all 44 more voters like me than dislike me. People are envious that I have a friendly loccal newspaper and a city channel 17 that never offers other viewpoints.

What would jesus say said...

Screw you Godfrey

Curmudgeon said...

All you naysayers just do not understand. Once the downtown to WSU flatland gondola gets built --- and the Administration has told the consultants looking into the golf course redesign that Hizzonah's gondola [aka "Godfrey's Folly"] is currently "undergoing approval" --- Paris Hilton and the rest of the glitterati will be flying into Salt Lake in droves, riding the UTA shuttle bus to Salt Lake Central Station, hauling their luggage aboard the Frontrunner to Ogden to ride the gondola. Why, the money they drop in tips will probably be enough to fund downtown indoor water parks and five star hotels and outdoor summer ice towers and velodromes and pave the streets of Ogden with gold. All at no cost to the taxpayers, of course.

what would jesus say said...

Bless you Mr Curmudgeon, for thou hast seen the light.

Bill C. said...

Curm, you've finally done it. You've mastered geigarian thought!

jorts campbell said...

blow me godrey you are scum

ozboy said...

"Wants Integrity...."

You are wrong. Stephenson did not receive any money from the Lil Lord or any of the Godfreyites during the 2004 election.

His opponent was a big Godfrey backer and sycophant and did receive contribution from the dark side.

Stephenson ran a very bare bones campaign and as I recall spent around a thousand bucks, half of which I contributed.

He won with a big margin because the voters saw him as someone who would bring some sensibility to the totally insensible Godfrey administration. I do not think he has necessarily lived up to his initial promise, and it sometimes appears as tho he has been won over to the dark side by the the Lil Lord. However, I do think he is honorable and for the most part is representing the citizens of Ogden.

what would jesus say said...


You are thinking of Doug Stephens. Stephenson is a Godfrey puppet. Doug's opponet was lard ass Stephen J. Larsen.

ozboy said...


You got that one right, my mistake. How soon we forget!!!!

Wants Honesty in City Government said...

Thanks, WWJS. I live in Stepehson's district and spoke with him during his campaign. He was a Godfreyite then! His opponent was Richard Hyer who is on the Planning Commission and a Stake President. The reason Stephenson won was because he had some big bucks behind him. He has paid Mayor Godfrey back many times and is a pain in the ass. He does NOT represent his constituents -- there were a number of them who wrote in juat anyone at the last election when he didn't have anyone run against him just so they wouldn't have to vote for him!

just havin fun said...

Gary and Blain open a combo medicine show/launderette at which you can get rid of your acne and hemorrhoids, while having your underwear cleaned. Proceeds will go to MNURE, until computer-generated checks are dispensed to Our Church of the Virgin Mary, whose address is finally known to all religious scholars -- Tithing Title Company. The owner will claim he "knows nothing".

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