Monday, April 06, 2009

Std-Ex Letter: Another Typical Mind-numbed Godfreyite Retort

The Emerald City Godfrey Lemmings turn up the noise level on the eve of Boss Godfrey's $70 million golf course makeover pitch

By What It Will Cost Us

There's another wacked-out Jeanette Ballantyne Standard-Examiner letter to the editor today saying the Mt. Ogden Golf Course costs the city money and Chris Peterson graciously allows us to use the trails that cross his property. She "wants the city to be first and benefit the many." She also questions the excellent Std-Ex guest commentary which was published over a week ago by Catherine Feeny.

Well, emphasis on the so-called debt that the administration has put on the golf course seems a bit odd considering the debt we pay on The Junction for the benefit for the few that actually use The Junction.

The irony is that selling the golf course, trying to build condos, and embarking on this boondoggle development would benefit a few friends, probably Jeanette Ballantyne's friends.

This letter may be another attempt to try and influence the golf course decisions that may be in front of the City Council this week. It seems the mayor's backers are always more vocal just before issues are presented, possibly to cloud the issues.

Maybe this letter is also intended to take the heat off of the Envision Ogden fiasco and possible illegal campaign contributions too.



Bill C. said...

WWIC, don't worry, the council is way too smart to go for what the skipper and his buddies have to propose. The sad part is that all the money spent by this committee would have been usefull if put into the golf course, that much money would have gone a long way making real maintainence improvements after a decade of total neglect.
In fairness to the skipper, none of this grandiose scheme would have been necessary if their focus was really improving conditions at the course, it was lying little matty's precondition and directive to move the clubhouse that led them so far into outter space.

Friends of Matt said...

"Power to the People," Mrs. Ballentyne sez: "It's time to put our city first for the benefit of the many, not the few."

And there are most certainly MANY of us.

Anonymous said...

What does our city need more than a more playable golf course that pays for itself?

We can just pay for them by selling city land to developers!

Make a list of basic infrastructure that goes wanting funding.
And how bout services such as the Marshal White Center, et al?

We could just sell condo time shares all over Ogden!

ozboy said...


I do appreciate a fella who wears his thinking cap.

With logic like that you could very easily be the next Godfreyite Development Director.

Ah'm Confused said...

Yes. The clear-thinking RJS for City Council in 2009, definitely.

Anonymous said...

Dec 16, 3:04 AM EDT
Ogden Utah city treasury looted
Associated Press Writer

Ogden, Utah (AP) -- Three months into an appointment to the position of Development Director for the city of Ogden, Utah, Rasputin J. Svengali apparently used his position within city government to facilitate the theft of over 86 million dollars from city coffers.

Officials, based on reliable, unnamed sources have indicated it is their belief that Mr. Svengali held the sophistic and narcissistic belief that all treasures of the world were his by fiat. The officials stated that all indications are that he has absconded to a remote island in the South China Sea.
Family members were not available for comment.

RudiZink said...


Good job, Sven.

everything is wonderful said...

How can ya go wrong? We have republicans running the News Paper,city,state, and this blog.

Deep Thinker said...


I like your idea. Any vacant or under-utilized land in the city could be monitized.

We could turn the 3rd thru 8th floors of the city building into condos. The parking garage at the Junction has condo potential as well. We could turn the building stuctures under the bleachers at Lindquist Field into apartments.
Even fit a two story unit under the 24th Street viaduct.

Why stop with the golf course we could turn all the city parks into apartment housing and time shares.

Think of all the money the city could make.

Captain Jorts Campbell said...

Geiger, Geiger, Geiger, Geiger...

George K. said...

That letter to the editor to which WWIC referred was really laughable. She states in her letter, “Ogden has its share of NIMBY (Not In My Backyard) people….The irony of these same people now want no development in their area – not even if it’s to benefit Ogden City.” I was at the Council meeting last summer when Mr. and Mrs. Ballentynend so should come in for criticism on these grounds too.] both spoke against the campgrounds by the rodeo grounds because it would bring the homeless and transients to their neighborhood, even though the Mayor said the campgrounds were part of his economic development plan and would benefit Ogden. Her letter is the height of hypocrisy!
WWIC I think that you hit the nail on the head when you indicated that the FOMs become more vocal when major projects of the Mayor’s are going to be discussed and voted upon.
At Tuesday’s work meeting the Council is going to discuss the Capitol Improvement Project that the Administration started with the water tanks at the top of 36th Street without Council’s approval nor knowledge, and using the funds that were approved for the 46th Street tank Capitol Improvement Project. I think the law would see that action as malfeasance and misuse of taxpayer money. It will be interesting to see what the Council does about it.

BAT_girl said...

As always, I found some amusing comments in the SE, related to this discussion:

By: OGDEN_out beyond the Theme Parks @ 04/07/2009, 10:06 AM

I agree with Free Recreation....and many others' comments below. The Weber Pathways Trail System is a delight. For those who do not use it regularly, time to peel yourself off that couch and get out and live AND get some exercise.

I STAYED in Ogden (4 yrs now) because of the Weber Pathways trail system. Because of reservoirs like Pineveiw and Causey. Because of the easy access to open space and wilderness.

I am delighted that out of this really bad economy has come a slowing of real estate development, because there is SO MUCH already built real estate on the market. It will give lots of us in Ogden/ Weber a chance to figure out how to protect the open space that is still OPEN.

If accurate records of the Salomon Center were published, I bet it would be still costing Ogden/Weber taz payers...........not even breaking even!! yet.

There is no way to put a price tag on the need for Open Space.


By: Just_the_Facts @ 04/07/2009, 10:08 AM

Next time Ms. B gets a letter like this published, she needs to be required to publish, as well, her age, height and weight.

One of TEAM GODFREY's other pet Ogden boosting groups (besides Weber Pathways) is the GOAL Foundation. Is it not the GOAL of the GOAL Foundation to get people OUTSIDE and LIVE. The more open space TEAM GODFREY, in conjunction with TEAM PETERSON, try to take away from Ogden/ Weber, the more hypocritical they ARE. Clearly the SE choose to publish Ms. B's letter so that the rest of us GOAL people commenting here could wack her a few, for being so ridiculous.

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