Friday, April 10, 2009

Stop Spending Our Future - The Crisis

A short video to help our readers put recent reckless government spending into historical perspective

Wake up, people!



Got It said...

I see what you're doing, Rudi. This is a companion piece to set the mood for the article above. VERY clever! Kudos!

Stop the madness said...

Ready for an sweeping National movement to clog Washington with our vehiclesand bodies and very loud and clear voices. A National drive-in and sit-in for as many months it takes to force congress and the current administration to pass real reforms. Reforms saying give us term limits, a balanced budget, real campaign finance reform, congresspeople with the same social security and health care benefits we as US citizens have, and take away privileges such as special congressional airfare via military luxury transports (Pelosi), citizen rights and privileges for non citizens, and countless Congressional perks none of us enjoy as citizens. Give us a Fair Tax and streamline Government beginning with the IRS. Give us full transparency into where OUR tax dollars are being spent at EVERY level of every National, Federal, municipal, county, parish, state level. Tell the far left (and right) to take a hike. Deliberate bills and amendments for as much time as it takes and stop taking generous days and weeks off only to return to a madhouse Zoo of unread and slip shod undebated legislation. Peoples lives and quality of life are at stake for God's (Ra's if you're and athiest) sake! And while I'm on that...put God BACK in the class room and society were He has always been.

Go thru wasteful and inappropriate Government programs like shit thru a goose leaving only those agencies absolutely essential to and necessary for our lives. No more Recreation, Arts, Museums, and Parks taxes which will inevitably be misused and abused for example, but encourage private donations through private grants from individuals and businesses. No more "loony left BS" (or Neocon right). Give us back personal responsibility and Constitutional rights without all these over stepped and welfare state hand out programs in the form of countless grants.

Give us a "Tea Party" without the grotesque baggage of both the Republican and Democratic parties. And STOP the outrageous spending binge in Washington...take it all back!

I believe we are simply stunned at the current power grabbing and almost inconceivable amount of unstudied, unread, misrepresented, non detailed, un researched impetuous drunken sailor spending by the Democrats in Washington. Stunned by the behavior of BOTH legislative bodies and parties.

This simply has to be stopped (peacefully of course) and if we don't organize across the Nation and actually do something quickly there will be seemingly likely be nothing left in two years when the next Congressional election comes around. The over reaching and its consequences are just too big to comprehend as this video seems to point out.

So how bout it? A Tea Party in DC with a multi million person drive/sit-in in Washington DC. Tent cities in the millions on the mall and in parks. I will sacrifice a months pay and time, minimum, for such an effort. Anyone else willing?

George Bush Sucks said...

The Iraq war will cost over 2 trillion dollars.

Love our Country, drop the hatred said...

For Geo Bush sucks...

Typical liberal trying to deflect his choice by denigrating Bush.

It was this perverted BS that got us where we are today with the Obama administration throwing dirt over us all burying us in debt. And cramming failed national health care down our throats while cutting defense spending and awarding incompetence on a Global scale.

Bushe's deficit spending in 2007 was 160 Billion dollars ($160,000,000,000). Within less than 100 days Obama has us at what? 2 TRILLION dollars ($2,000,000,000,000) and headed for a national deficit for your kids to pay off or theirs for 12 Trillion dollars with interest and inflation calculated in. Now that's a REAL CHANCE alright you bone head!

Please try to be objective and put away perverted slogans designed for ignoramouses.

The block vote by the "Hate Bush" crowd was a major mistake and we will all have to endure much pain and sacrifice in order to become whole again as a Nation.

Ya Right said...

Love our Country;

Stop lieing. Obama's budget is still 50 billion less than George Bush's budget last year.

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