Saturday, April 11, 2009

Science Saturday Night; The Exponential Progression of Information Technology

Information age overload on video, for your Saturday evening enjoyment

Intriguing video on the exponential progression of information technology, sent to us by a gentle reader. Although we can't vouch for the accuracy of the data, we nevertheless thought it was danged thought-provocative and entertaining anyway. Check it out:

200 million registered users on myspace? Yikes!

Could be a signal of the end of civilization, for sure.

Comments, anyone?


disgusted said...

i know im off topic but has anyone been to the new city web page.
ive been trying to find information other than fluff on it and it does not exist.
i looked for example for the citys audited annual financials and even the search engine cant find them.
if someone knows how to find this info on this new web page please give me the directions.
starting to wonder if this isnt intentional.

what would jesus say said...

the CAFR is right here

disgusted said...

what would jesus say

not to worried about the cafe for
last year or any previous years as rudi has them here at wcf. was just looking for a starting point for future reference. my concern is going forward.
the new web page seems to be intentionally difficult to maneuver around in for anything other than fluff.
if you have the link to the cafe on the city web page please provide.

RudiZink said...

The last three years of CAFR reports are displayed in the right sidebar, under "Government Toolkit."

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