Monday, April 27, 2009

Transit Project Detours Washington Improvements

Boss Godfrey's dilatory tactics delay important safety-oriented street repair project

Interesting front page story in this morning's Standard-Examiner, reporting that a $10 million UDOT road improvement project, which had been planned "to improve safety and travel along Washington Boulevard from 26th to 36th streets," has been put on indefinite hold. From this morning's Scott Schwebke story:

OGDEN — A Washington Boulevard road improvement project costing at least $10 million that was slated to start next month has been delayed pending a decision on a possible streetcar or bus route from downtown to Weber State University and McKay-Dee Hospital Center.
The Utah Department of Transportation project was scheduled for completion in October to improve safety and travel along Washington Boulevard from 26th to 36th streets. But UDOT has decided to put the project on hold until a combined alternatives analysis and environmental impact study is completed by the Utah Transit Authority, the city and others to determine the preferred mode of transit and location of a route between the intermodal hub at 23rd Street and Wall Avenue and Weber State and McKay-Dee on Harrison Boulevard. [...]
It’s prudent to delay the road improvements until after the selection in July of a transit mode and route for the five-mile corridor between the intermodal hub and Weber State and McKay-Dee, said Randy Park, a special projects manager for UTA.
The impediment? Boss Godfrey's proposed 30th and 36th street east-west public transit corridor "legs." “Rather than put it (the improvements) in and then have to undo it and tear up the street, we have decided to let Ogden decide where the streetcar or bus rapid-transit system should go,” Vic Saunders, a UDOT spokesman remarked.

So in addition to the 3-1/2-year delay on the street car project that Boss Godfrey caused by his foot-dragging after the 2005 release of the Baker Study, (which already picked a 26th Street east-west corridor as the preferred route,) important safety-related Washington Boulevard repairs are also now being put on the back burner because of the further dilatory actions of Ogden City's gondola-obsessed mayor.

Nice work, Boss Godfrey!

Special thanks to the 7,247 Ogden citizens who voted for the little feller in the 2007 election.

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see, I Told you so said...

Don't blame me I voted Neil Hansen for mayor and if he were in this office this would not be a problem.

Chris, Gadi and Shortdeck said...

We think Mayor Godfrey has his priorities in the right order.

Anonymous said...

One north-south corridor, Wall, torn up during the middle of summer is plenty.

Whatever the reason.

The Lovely Jennifer said...

What?!? Mayor Goofy is NOT going to let someone else (UDOT) pay for improvement of something downtown?!? ... Of course, I meant someone else, besides the taxpayers of Ogden? UDOT won't be dipping in the Mayor's coffers to do this, so the Mayor won't have control over it, is that the reason?

Brett said...


The reason Godfrey is pressing for Washington to 36th St. for the streetcar cooreidor proves that he doesn't have Ogden's best interest at heart! He is only interested in sticking Ogden with that stupied gondola!

Reasons that I say that are:
1. This is a chance for Ogden to have some transit-oriented development along the streetcar corrider if it goes along a corriedor that doesn't have a lot of development now which Washington does. Proves that Godfrey isn't really interested in development for Ogden unless it's an outdoor recreation related business or related to sports activities or condos on the hillside.
2 Godfrey's FIRST GOAL for the City is to have an "urban gondola" going from the Modal Hub to WSU which will connect with Chris Peterson's gondola to a four-season hotel and recreation area in Malan's Basin.

Things are starting to make sense now -- Chris clearing the basin of trees and brush, Godfrey trying to hoodwink the Council into supporting an extra water tank to support a 350 condo and sports hotel development at the top of
36th St. Chris Peterson's (or was it really Godfrey's) plan modified some.

We have to maintain the Council balance as it is. Abe Shreve has said that they will donate to the campaigns of those who support Godfrey's nightmare. There are four seats on the Council up for election this fall so let's find and support good, honest candidates who truly want what's best for Ogden and have not been bought and paid for by Godfrey and Envision Ogden and FNURE.

The Lovely Jennifer said...


Thanks for clearing that up for me! I think I already knew it, though. I have nothing but sarcasm for our beloved mayor over anything he does or says.


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