Thursday, April 09, 2009

Standard-Examiner Editorial: Streetcars Are the Obvious Solution for Junction City

The Std-Ex editorial board comes out in favor of a 25th or 26th Street streetcar corridor

Fine Standard-Examiner editorial this morning, touting streetcars as the only realistic Ogden City public transit solution.

And in this aspect, we believe editorial page editor Doug Gibson gets it particularly right:

Also to be decided is the route a streetcar or bus will take from the intermodal hub to WSU. It will head east toward Washington Boulevard. There are several directions it can take to Harrison Boulevard and WSU.[...]
One idea we have is to make sure that the corridor extends through central Ogden, perhaps 25th or 26th Street. Making downtown Ogden a more desirable place to have an apartment or home is an added benefit streetcars can bring.
The Std-Ex also issues a friendly reminder:

UTA wants to hear public comment on the routes.[...]
We urge local residents to state their opinions. It will be a chance to help determine a mass transit option that will be with us for generations.
We'll join with the Standard-Examiner in urging those readers who haven't yet expressed their preferences to do so now, before it's too late. In that connection we link to this 3/30/09 WCF article, which provides instructions about how you can accomplish that.

And for those readers who'd like to get it done right now, without any unnecessary muss and fuss, we helpfully provide the designated UTA email contact link:
We urge you to express your preference for streetcars as the only realistic mode of Ogden public transit, and for a 25th or 26th Street corridor as the best choice for the east-west leg.

Do it now; or forever hold your peace.

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Arlene said...

Based on the editorial headline, we could follow "Tom's" advise and call it the "Streetcar Named Desire"

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