Thursday, April 16, 2009

Alternate Reality Department: Boss Godfrey Boards the Lumpencitizen "Responsible Government" Bandwagon

Boss Godfrey indulges in a rare economic policy self critique

The Standard-Examiner reports this morning on yesterday's Ogden City Municipal Building Tea Party event, which reportedly drew a surprisingly good turnout, despite the late winter storm. Boss Godfrey watchers who didn't attend missed a great opportunity to bask in the glory of the Lord on Nine, as Blessed Boss Godfrey graciously descended to ground-level briefly to address the masses in attendance and "join" them in their call for responsible government. Much of it is captured in a remarkable video clip which is embedded under today's Std-Ex web article. Watch and listen. We swear you won't believe your own eyes and ears. The Godfrey segment begins 59 seconds into the video. Remember, gentle readers, this is the very same Boss Godfrey who advocated a $146 million Mt. Ogden Golf Course makeover boondoggle only a mere week ago:

Here's the full text, so 1) you won't have to transcribe it yourselves, and 2) you can read it over and over again in sheer wonderment:
"I think it's fantastic to have citizens engaged and who care about what's going on, and who care about and are trying to make a difference with the politics of our country.
So first I think our responsibility as citizens is to hold our elected officials like me responsible, and say we are not going to stand up, we're not going to all any more of this spending at will, at creating these deficits at will, hoping that at some time the economy miraculously turns around creating enormous surpluses that we'll be able to pay off this astronomical debt. So I want to applaud all of you, and be consistent in the message that this is irresponsible. It's irresponsible today; it's certainly irresponsible for my children and our grandchildren; and it has to change.
Stimulus packages are fine, as long as there's a way to pay for it today, as long as there's a way to make it happen with existing revenues, or taxes that we're willing to increase today, to pay for that stimulus.
So thank you very much for coming out, and I join with you in the plea for responsible government.
It's great to have observed Boss Godfrey suddenly board the responsible government bandwagon, even if only for a day. And for a few seconds we believed he even embraced and understood these principles he was espousing, even though we knew his lips were undoubtedly moving when he uttered these astonishingly self-critical statements.

So what say our readers about all this? Is Boss Godfrey genuinely converted to responsible government spending? Is it possible that Boss Godfrey was unaware of his own economic policy self-critique?


Candy said...

Did I hear that he wanted us to hold him responsible for the 5 million dollar law suit. That we should hold him responsible for his role in the envision Ogden group. Maybe he should go to the county attorney's office and turn himself in for all the laws that he has broken.

Al said...

What the old cliche? Pot calling the kettle black?

ozboy said...

Down the Rabbit hole with ye!

Only in the "Alice in Wonderland" world of the Godfreyites could this kind of babble come from the mouth of such a criminal loser! Where the Lil Lord lives - up is down, black is white and the truth shall never usher forth from his fevered little brain.

what would jesus say said...

So Godfrey says "I think it's fantastic to have citizens engaged and who care about what's going on, and who care about and are trying to make a difference with the politics of our country.

What a sack o crap. He doesnt want anyone to stand up to anything he does, if they do you are instantly a nay sayer, and are out to derail the vision he has for Ogden.

blackrulon said...

Does the mayor understand that most resident of Ogden consider the many new and increased fees imposed on various utility bills and permits to be taxes?

OgdenLover said...

The Mayor isn't suffering from Narcissistic personality disorder, it's multiple personality disorder with one of his "selves" being a narcissist. Of course we've also known he's a pathological liar for a long time.

Rafiki said...

classic policital crap! It is only "bad" and unresponsible spending when it's the other (party's) idea.

danny said...


Right on.

When I used to go to convention, all I heard was it's the other party's fault.

Godfrey is a typical Republican. He talks like a conservative, and governs like a corporate welfare liberal.

These wonderful protesters have the right idea. But they have nowhere to turn to express their views.

Both parties are captives of the financial elite.

With a few exceptions like Rob Bishop and Jim Matheson, they all need to be voted out. People like Bob Bennett should be guillotined, but they can only be voted out.

Anonymous said...

Godfrey acted like a first rate politician during that speech.

Curmudgeon said...


I assume you did not intend "first rate politician" as a compliment....

summers eve said...

I dont know how such a little guy can pack around such a large set of balls...

Chuck Poll is a hopocrite said...

Chuck Poll who sing that song against taxes. Well guess what? He works for the government and makes a living off the government.

George K. said...


You said, in different words, what I was thinking -- Godfrey is a true politician! He tells the people what they want to hear, and doesn't mean a word of it!

I hope the City Council use his own words against him when he presents his pretentious golf course plans!

retarded republicans again said...

Only retarded republicans would come up with a lame idea such as this.

For Sensible Government said...

And only a mindless liberal Democrat would support the ridiculous Mount Ogden Golf Course plan to drive Ogden into bankfruptcy!

Curmudgeon said...

For Sensible:

Just for the record, it's Ogden's Republican Mayor who is pushing the plan.

For Sensible Government said...

I know, but I think he became a Republican in order to be elected mayor. Think about it -- what are the chances he was a Republican before 1998? His father was a Demoncrat, his father-in-law, his relatives the well-known Richards family are all Democrats, so what are the chances that he was a Democrat prior to running for mayor? He sure doesn't think like a Republican.

For Sensible Government said...


BTW, as far as I'm concerned you don't fall into that category of "mindless liberal Democrats." I consider you as a true American at heart.

OgdenLover said...

For Sensible Government,

You might be surprised to find that liberal Democrats are very true Americans at heart. Liberal Democrats are most often thinking, compassionate people who care deeply about improving society rather than fattening the pockets of the already-obscenely wealthy. The parallels between the Bush II and Godfrey administrations are astounding.

Bill C. said...

Ogden Lover, on a moral and character level there probably are some similar deffective traits, but really, lying little matty is a piker, small potatos.
The very sad thing is the overall amount of ignorance and or apathy of the public at large that has enabled him to persist.

Curmudgeon said...

Some nice promotional ink for Historic 25th Street just arrived in the mail. The May-June 2009 issue of Via! magazine... the travel magazine for AAA members... has a recurring feature on "Neighborhoods." The one featured this month is "25th Street, Ogden, Utah." Talks briefly about the street's history and notes "Along the infamous stretch called Electric Alley you can still see second-story Dutch doors and bricked in windows or former bordellos."

Then it includes brief comments on Union Station, Olive & Dahlia, Pan Handlers, Roosers, Slavy Ageless Fashion Boutique, Tona Sushi Bar and Grill, the 25th Street Emporium, and --- well, it's close --- the Treehouse Museum. All told, some nice ink for Ogden in general and Two Bit Street in particular.

logic said...


I like your way of thinking.

Anonymous said...

Some on wrote: "...former bordellos."
Former? FORMER?

Not all citizens of the protestant western USA went along with the marginalizing and abolishment of the oldest profession.
Some thought it beyond the purview of a governments interests to even inquire as to what goes on after the door is closed; independent contractors, every one of them

There's at least on House of Ill Repute on 25th street, that is fer damn sure.

disgusted said...


thats no way to show respect to the 9th floor

The Lovely Jennifer said...

If I had been there, I may have been tempted to blurt out something my bishop would have counseled me about.

That is, if the mayor had said those words quoted in the post.

Did he really say all that? With a straight face? And with NO fingers crossed?

What a hypocritical lying little scheissekopf !!!!!!!


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