Friday, April 17, 2009

Ogden Tea Party Aftermath: A Std-Ex Reader Letter

This Tea Party Phenomenon may be more politically important than most folks think

Here's more on Ogden's April 15th Tea Party rally, in which connection one misguided Standard-Examiner reader labeled the event a "success," within the lower-linked web article:
Ogden tea party was a success
Unable to resist the temptation, your blogmeister already chimed in under the Std-Ex reader letter with this:
A success? I don't think so.
Mssrs. Hodges, Cottam and Staffanson missed the entire point which drew hundreds of thousands of Americans into similar protests across the country.
The tea parties weren't about "taxes.' The whole point was about irresponsible government spending. The idea originated from this Rick Santelli rant, as you may recall:

Traders revolt! Call for new Boston Tea Party! Say Founding Fathers rolling in their graves!

And you people had the most reckless Utah government spender right there in your clutches, i.e., Matthew Godfrey; and you applauded him when he made a statement that is 180 degrees contrary to his big spending policies over the past nine years:

"I think it's fantastic to have citizens engaged and who care about what's going on, and who care about and are trying to make a difference with the politics of our country.
So first I think our responsibility as citizens is to hold our elected officials like me responsible, and say we are not going to stand up, we're not going to all any more of this spending at will, at creating these deficits at will, hoping that at some time the economy miraculously turns around creating enormous surpluses that we'll be able to pay off this astronomical debt. So I want to applaud all of you, and be consistent in the message that this is irresponsible. It's irresponsible today; it's certainly irresponsible for my children and our grandchildren; and it has to change.
Stimulus packages are fine, as long as there's a way to pay for it today, as long as there's a way to make it happen with existing revenues, or taxes that we're willing to increase today, to pay for that stimulus.
So thank you very much for coming out, and I join with you in the plea for responsible government."

You people bought it hook line and sinker.
Your rally was thus a dismal failure.
Somebody should have brought a rope.
We believe there are masses of lumpencitizens in this country who are so fed up with the two major political parties and the cretins they elect, that the time might be ripe for a revolution in American politics.

From your blogmeister's point of view, it's amusing to watch the stumbling Republicans try to round these disaffected people up, and bring them into the GOP fold. Likewise, we get our giggles watching The Lefties (dare I say the Democrats) ignore or mock the problem, and try to pretend a mass of politically-alienated people does not exist in the era of the "messiah" Obama.

This Tea Party Phenomenon will be very interesting to watch.

Curiously, here at Weber County Forum, we've assembled a group of people who are willing to act as political non-partisans... politically disaffected people who've learned to cast aside partisan political ideology and rhetoric (for the most part) , and work cooperatively for frugal, transparent and honest government.

Could the WCF blog community be a model for a new political consciousness in America?

Our bet is a resounding YES!

So what say our gentle readers about all this?


CIA Torturer said...

Thank God for Obama!

Curmudgeon said...

On the question of party affiliation, and acting independently of same, an interesting article just went up on the SL Trib on-line edition [link here].

It reports that new Congressman "Jason Chaffetz, has proved himself a loyal foot soldier for the GOP leadership, voting 94 percent of the time with his House Republican colleagues. The Alpine resident voted differently from the majority of his GOP colleagues only 11 times since he was sworn in this year, according to an analysis of votes by The Salt Lake Tribune ." But he is not, of course, the most bobble-headed Republican sock-puppet in the House. That honor goes to our very own Congressman Rob Bishop, who insists, when challenged, that he votes independently on every issue, regardless of party leader dictates or industry money received. The Hon. [?] Congressman Bishop voted the Republican party line this term 98% of the time. On only 3 votes did Rep. Bishop break with his party leaders and exercise the "independent judgment" [politely so-called] that he likes to brag about on his trips home. A faithful party foot-soldier 98% of the time. Tony Soprano couldn't ask for more.

And what about Utah's only Democrat in Congress, Jim Matheson? Why compared to Chaffetz and Bishop, Matheson is a wild and crazy off-the-reservation uncontrolled maverick. He voted with the Democratic leadership only 91% of the time.


what would jesus say said...

I have to agree with you Rudi, attendees had a great chance to take the little prick out, and failed to act.

The Lovely Jennifer said...

If I had been there, I may have been tempted to blurt out something my bishop would have counseled me about.

That is, if the mayor had said those words quoted in the post.

Did he really say all that? With a straight face? And with NO fingers crossed?

What a hypocritical lying little scheissekopf !!!!!!!


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