Saturday, April 04, 2009

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A reprise of a couple of earlier Weber County Forum articles

Inasmuch as it's once again a painfully slow Emerald City news day, we'll reprise a couple of popular articles published earlier this week on Weber County Forum:
Std-Ex Letter: Ogden Municipal Elections Should Be Investigated
Breaking: Salt Lake Tribune - Corruption in the 2007 Ogden Municipal Election? - UPDATED
We're bringing these items up a second time for two reasons:

1) We don't want to see the Standard-Examiner go broke, so we'd like to drive as much traffic to the Std-Ex site as we can. Now that the Standard has adopted a new policy of posting most of its stories (including political stories) on its free site, and beyond its paid Digital Edition firewall, we're throwing our full support their way.

2) Both of the above-reprised WCF articles contain links to important Std-Ex Ogden City political stories, with reader comment sections below the articles. Now that these stories are up on the Std-Ex Live site, the Std-Ex provides WCF readers an ideal opportunity to inform Std-Ex readers about some of the issues we regularly discuss here on our home town community blog.

It's in that connection that we urge our readers to open up these WCF articles again, navigate to the Std-Ex stories which are embedded therein as links, and post your own edifying comments in the Std-Ex comments sections.

We've believed for quite a time that the relationship between the Standard-Examiner and Weber County Forum ought to be symbiotic rather than adversarial. The Std-Ex's new open website policy provides an ideal opportunity to prove that we're right about this.


I'm starving too said...

There is a great piece this morning in the standard.

RudiZink said...

LOL. Refresh your page, ist. I put up an new article on the topic @ 11:00.

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