Saturday, April 11, 2009

Std-Ex: Dems to Review County Attorney Candidates' Resumes

Mark Decaria's now vacated Weber County Attorney slot is on the verge of being filled

We'll highlight this interesting and information rich story from this morning's Standard-Examiner, revealing that the Mark Decaria's now vacated Weber County Attorney slot is on the verge of being filled. We incorporate Tim Gurrister's lead paragraphs below:
OGDEN -- Resumes from the three candidates with hats in the ring for the Weber County attorney's job are now being distributed to the 100-plus members of the county Democratic Party's central committee.
Those documents key the process of selecting a replacement for Mark DeCaria, sworn in this week as a 2nd District Court judge.
For the Democrats, the process is brief. State law calls for the party to forward the names of three candidates to the Weber County Commission, from which that body will make its selection.
Barring something unforeseen, the three names the committee has to date - Ogden lawyers Brian Florence, Chad McKay and Dee Smith - will be automatically forwarded by the committee at its 5 p.m. Friday meeting in the Weber County Library, 2464 Jefferson Ave.
Among other things, Mr. Gurrister includes brief resumes of the three contenders; and from our viewpoint, there is one who clearly stands out. Candidate Florence built a rock solid reputation as a fearless and fierce litigator over his thirty years of practice in Ogden. He's what we would call a "lawyer's lawyer;" and would seem to be the hands-down choice to us. Putting Mr. Florence in charge of the Weber County Attorney's office would kick up that office's prestige and performance more than a notch or two, we believe.

Having said that, we do realize the situation is slightly more complicated. And in that connection we ask our gentle readers this: Between these three candidates, all of whose names will no doubt be forwarded to the Weber County Commission for the final selection, who would be YOUR first choice... and why?


Sue said...

Florence has an uphill fight. He's not a MO, you know. And the other two? One's Gunn Mckay's son, and the other used to be an LDS seminary teacher.

stop the culture of corruption said...

Mckay is the right man for the job. The S E is trying everything they can to stop that from happening.

Why? Because some charges maybe comming to their office!

ozboy said...

Brian Florence without a doubt!

Reason - He is honest about the whole lawyering game. That in itself would be a brand new concept to the office.

In addition, I went to grade school and jr high with him, also lived in the same general neighborhood. He was always the very smartest kid in school all the way through. I don't remember much about him at recess, but I do rather suspect the reason was he didn't take it! My biggest memory of him is his handwriting! Every thing he wrote looked like a piece of art - even in the fourth grade!

His move from a conventional law practice to one of mediation service, and his stated reasons for doing so, is proof positive of a man of high character and dignity.

All reasons of course why the small minded powers that be in the state government will never allow him to hold this important office.

My bet is on the Church guy with the Churchy sounding name!

YGBSM! said...

I personally think Florence is by far the most qualified and experienced of the three. Which is precisely why the Commissioners just might select one of the other two; MacKay or Smith, both LDS.

From several in the law profession, Chad MacKay specializes in Hispanic cases and is not a very good basic attorney. And the Smith guy sounds like an office boy who wants to be CEO.

I ran across the following post on the Ogden Valley forum. It reads as though it was written by someone who lives in Huntsville Town and is very familiar with Mr. MacKay as his dealings in and about Town:

Careful what you wish for said...

Bought property in middle fork. Then threatened to sue Huntsville if they didn’t annex his new purchase.

Built large pillars on public property to enhance his large home in Huntsville.

Disregarded entire Planning Commission and Town Council as well as the Town ordinances against it.

Obtained a business license for a portable snow cone shack to be used only during public events at the Town park. Illegally used it for a permanent yearly (summer) business adjacent his residence on first street.

Falsified intent claiming the permanent snow shack was merely a “storage out building”.

Inappropriately threw his weight around as “Bishop” making personal demands of others for his own enrichment.

Built swimming pool and refuses to follow Town Ordinance regarding child safety fencing around it. Although he has ten (10) kids!

Is this candidate apparently arrogant and filled with such hubris or just plain stupid enough to believe that simply being a distant relative to a cousin somehow qualifies someone for public office?

Unless you really want that type representation. Seems we have had too much of that type “public servicing” already.

Be careful what/who you wish for

Mckay is the man said...

You can talk all the hoop law all ya want. Just because a guy knows how to read and write? Which all three do.

It's the guy with the guts.

Mckay is the man.

Another opinion said...

The previous post by "MacKay is the man" should be called exactly what it is... a post by a relative.

There are lots of MacKay relatives and extended family members. For example within the Town of Huntsville alone there are at least 40. And extended family members number into the hundreds.

The MacKay supporter should tell us exactly why Chad MacKay is the best person for the job. What has he accomplished?

Let's see.... he set up a family foundation, “to recognize and honor Gunn McKay and to encourage young people to follow his example of leadership, hard work, cooperative spirit, and most of all, unquestioned integrity.”

The board of Trustees for the Foundation include: D. Edgar *Allen, Chairman; Louwanna Shurtliff, Vice Chairman; Bernard M. *Allen; Gordon L. Belnap; Karen Boyle;
Rev. David L. Duncan; Jill Morby; Chad*McKay; Quinn *McKay; Herm Olsen; Vance C. Pace: Reed M. Richards; and Martha Richards. Please send your tax-deductible contribution to: GMIGF Scholarship Fund
David M. *Allen
4696 S 1575 E
Ogden, UT 84403 (7)

One is left to wonder, is the Foundation based upon integrity and public service? Is it altruism and philanthropy or a tax dodge/scheme to funnel tax free money into family membership? What are the relationships between the McKay Family Corporation, extended family members and the Board of Trustees for the Foundation and scholarship recipients?

The Foundation above is one of many examples of an apparent Conflict of Interest. And whether links between McKay Family Corporation and the Gunn McKay Integrity in Government Foundation exist or not, it does not look good to the public at large. Such endeavors need to be very carefully constructed to avoid any hint of an appearance of COI if the one so honored (Gunn McKay) is to be given due diligence.

If for example the above is considered as "having guts", then I agree. However; I consider it having gall not guts. And Mr. MacKay's actual performance would indicate he has no respect for the law, but rather sees it as a tool for getting by with whatever he wants. Just because he is a "MacKay".

lawyer #2 said...

Anyone who would choose wet behind the ears lawyer trainees like McKay and Smith over a seasoned and nationally respected Ogden lawyer like Florence has nothing going on between their own ears.

We'll be lucky to land him.

If Democrats think the Republicans had a tough time picking a Republican to run against Mark Decaria, wait until one of Utah's most respected lawyers (Florence) sits in the Weber County Attorney Chair.

Nobody will run against Florence. I guarantee it.

MacKay and Smith are both legal "punks," in comparison.

WMIII said...

If Brian Florence really wants this position, he is the man ...

BTW, he wouldn't know me if I knocked on his front door ...

But if we want integrity and no bullshit, look at this guy's background, and tell me there is a better choice ...

With Brian Florence, what you see is what you get ...

"Lawyers Lawyer", is a super attribute, and if Mr. Florence wants to be the Weber County Attorney, it's an absolute perfect choice ...

Peace, out ...

Bill Parker

Valley voice of concern said...

I find Mr. MacKay affible, social and an experienced back-slapper. Downright pleasant to shake hands with and exchange pleasantries with.

He is also apparently careless in his personal habits and shows an aptitude for self-serving without regard for his neighbors - their rights, the law, town ordinances, nor the expressed decisions of the Planning Commission or the Town Council.

His attitude toward his birthplace is apparently "I deserve whatever I want and my wife wants because after all I am a MacKay. And we are entitled to more than others by birthright."

Should MacKay somehow get in the Weber County Attorney Office you can bet your bottom dollar he will be the most corrupt and self dealing attorney in the history of Weber County.

He is a renouned back-slider and back-slapper without personal character or integrity based upon his actions. And he is totally unqualified in any way for public service.

Aside from a few Ward members and some family members, anyone would be hard pressed to locate someone who would in good conscience recommend him for dog catcher, let alone County Attorney.

But then he IS affible and a good back slapper who likes to pretend he is a good politician. That is about the best thing about him.

And the only "working the land" thing he has ever done is to maintain about 30 head of horses on 10 acres of land. And he did survive having been electrocuted due to touching an irrigation pipe inadvertently to an overhead high power line. Damn near killed him off.

Oh, and the horses are dual purpose. They serve as entertainment (riding) for the large extended family when they visit. And they can be readily moved onto the various parcels (800+ acres) when the State Tax Commission or Assessor notifies any MacKay relative that they are coming to do an audit/inspection to check to see if they continue to qualify for Greenbelt Property Tax exemptions. They pay about 15 pennies an acre by the way since they can show they have "pleasure horses" on 5 acre+ parcels. Now that is real integrity! MacKay style.

Ring the Bell said...

Now could it be that: "YGBSM!," "Careful what you wish for" from the Ogden Valley Forum post, "Another opinion," and "Valley voice of concern" are all one in the same?

Intentionally misspelling ones name as a way to denigrate another?

Does that ring a BELL?

Joe Friday said...

"Tha facts maim. Just the facts."

If you can refute the facts or even address them as reported, why attack the messenger? Or messengers?

This forum is only useful as an outlet for information and facts the media seems impotent, for any number of reasons, to report. It is valued for "vetting" the Mayor of Ogden namely, his supporters, his brain frats, and to debate candidates for public office whether up for election or appointment. It also serves our community by enabling careful research and valuable time considerations instead of hipshot resolutions and nefarious unscrupulous municipal deals and dealings.

If there is information which is needed, folks who post often use any number of indentites to get the information out and available for the benefit of all.

Outing or attacking any identity seems rather counter intuitive and does not serve any purpose toward vetting a candidates qualifications nor information about who they truly are and why.

Attack the facts if they are wrong. But these facts are documented via town council and planning commission minutes and by County records. Opinions of course are those of multiple "identities".

Opinion: Florence is the right person for the job.

The "churchy" sounding names (MacKay or is that McKay? & Smith) can find employment at the business headquarters in Salt Lake City perhaps.

ozboy said...


The "Churchy sounding name" remark applied to both of the other ringers in this race for the DA job.

As far as "Ring the Bell" goes, well perhaps he just finished his first week in private detective school and is practicing what he learned?

It is a long time practice of the Godfreyites to attack the messenger in an attempt to create a diversion from the message for which they generally have no answer.

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