Wednesday, August 27, 2008

The Bush Recession Comes Home to Roost in Red State Northern Utah

Dig deep, gentle readers; If there is a god watching, She'll be pleased

By Curmudgeon

Kristin Moulton has an interesting piece on the Salt Lake Tribune website this evening, illustrating just what eight years of Bush and Republican mismanagement of the economy is doing to us right here in Weber County. She reports that:

Weber County social-service providers decided Wednesday to appeal to a usually dependable source for those in need: their neighbors. United Way will make an appeal for $200,000 in emergency funding likely to be needed this winter by families just a utility or medical bill away from homelessness....
Since spring, shelters, food banks, the state Department of Workforce Services and low-income medical clinics have seen an explosion in need....
Beside raising a pool of cash to help those in crisis, the group asked an Ogden school-board member about using a vacant school for an overflow homeless shelter.
"Families just a utility or medical bill away from homelessness...." The gal can write.

The article is well worth a look. And if you can afford it, dig down a little deeper than maybe you're used to to help out the United Way, the Utah Food Bank, or Catholic Community Services. It'll be a mitzvah. If there is a god watching, She'll be pleased.

Update 8/28/08 7:31 a.m. MT: Charles Trentelman covers the same story Ms. Moulton did, in a front page story in today's Standard Examiner. Trentelman's piece includes substantially more detail.


democrat said...

McBush's time came and is almost gone. Thank God.

The 11 trillion dollar debt they left us and our kids should be treason.

Obama is the great leader I'm putting my faith and trust in.

A Republican said...

With Obama as president, we won't be saluting the "Star-Spangled Banner" any more! I'll take freedom even if it does cost us $3 trillion!

Curmudgeon said...

That's right, Republican. President Obama's first act in office will be to ban saluting the flag nationwide. I have it on the very best authority. My neighbor's alcoholic cousin said he saw it written on a men's room wall at the Salt Lake Greyhound station, so it must be true.

Where in the world do you guys get this stuff?

Curmudgeon said...

Charles Trentelman covers the same story Ms. Moulton did in a front page story in Thursday's Standard Examiner. Trentelman's piece includes substantially more detail. Link here.

Tec Jonson said...


With Bush as President you were decieved into thinking a guy in a cave masterminded a team hijacking 4 planes and flew them into the most protected airspace in the world to crash into the WTC and the friggin' Pentagon, of all places. Notice the side of the pentagon had only a 16' hole in it. Where was the friggin plane????

Ever ask yourself what happened to bldg 7 WTC? Never was hit by a plane, collapsed so cleanly because of "structural compromise" by the WTC collapse?

No pal, you learned to salute FoxNews under Bush. You learned to swallow the biggest lies in history. You were hoodwinked by WMD in Iraq. You were hoodwinked by the search for binLaden? You are one gullible fool. Grow the fuck up and use your own common sense. You are the tool of republican lies and you think you stand for freedon and saluting the flag. What a marooon...(BugsBunny)

Tec Jonson said...

Incidentally, Republican, a National Anthem and a Pledge of Allegiance are not part of the founding of our country. Our founders were duly suspicious of such tools of indoctrination. It is fools like your bunch who love these totalitarian themes.

National anthem enacted in 1931. The nation grew and thrived for 150 years without one.

Pledge of Allegiance was written by a Christian Socialist and enacted in 1942. "Under God" was added after a rigorous campaign by the Knights of Columbus in the 50's.

If your whole consciousness of your nation swirls around pledging and flagwaving you have the founders rolling in their graves with despair for the nation they formed.

Bill C. said...

Oh Tec, symbolism is required for those so engrossed in their day to day struggle, just to make ends meet. They don't have the time to explore the possibilities that those they consider leaders, are doing nothing more than marketing creatively, ways to consolidate their own wealth and getting their ignorant constituants to support it and fund it.
Or that thru the use of symbols they conjure up bogus questions in the minds of these poor dolts about their oppositions loyalty, patriotism and concern for their well being. Outlandish attacks by their well paid mouth pieces on radio have many saying that their oponent is a terrorist, communist and worse. Much of that because he once had the good common sense to say that wearing a simple pin on ones lappel is hardly a true measure of whats in the heart and mind of a person. Many don't see the phonyness of guys like Rumsfeld, Wolfawitz and Cheney. These guys were doing nothing other than lining their own pockets, and very successfully I might add. They always wore pins.

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