Sunday, August 03, 2008

Two Uncommented References to the "G" Word

An all-time-indoor track record

By Curmudgeon

Two gondola references in Sunday's Standard-Examiner, and no WCF comments? Wow. I think that's probably an all-time-indoor track record.

The first appears in Charles Trentelman's column: "I'll say it if no one else will," he writes, "The century-long vision of a gondola up Mt. Ogden will never really die, but it is dead for now." [From your keyboard to God's ear, Mr. Trentelman....]

The second appears in Mark Saal's column. Saal found himself thinking about cities with trendy made up neighborhood names like Tribeca and SoHo, and he decided Utah... and Ogden... could use some of the same to to really put us on the cultural map. And his list includes SuProGo, short for "Those Ogden neighborhoods 'Surrounding Proposed Gondola.'"

Mr. Saal invites other suggestions.


Dan S. said...

I had an interesting discussion this morning with a fellow hiker in Taylor Canyon. We agreed that the gondola is dead until the next election. After that all bets are off.

Speaking of possibly dead projects, wasn't the ice tower supposed to be finished by now? At least, that's what the city told the RAMP folks last December.

Lest I be labeled a naysayer, I'll add that last night's bluegrass concert at the downtown amphitheater was well attended, and definitely worth the ten bucks. They even had beer for sale!

Jason W. said...
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righty said...

I'm afraid the ice tower and gondola are about as dead as Stuart Reid's Condo project, the Mid-town Development project (or whatever the hell it was called), the Ben Lomond renovation, Gadi Leshem's projects, Wal-Mart, among others. I suppose it is debatable whether any of these projects had much merit to begin with.

Bill C. said...

Curm, G is for goofy, gumball, gastric, girl, golf, gonzo, gorrila, gusset, games, gears, gash, gas, girdles, garlic, gangs, gutters, gall, Gallic, gay, gross, gerbel, gin, gospel, g-strings, g-train, gothic, gout, granola, grime, geeks, geese, geezers, grace, gurus, guns and gumbo, but mostly, geiger, geiger, geiger, geiger........................

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