Thursday, August 28, 2008

Jeremy Peterson Sets the Record Straight

GOP candidate for Utah House of Representatives District 9 joins the Weber County Forum Discussion

By Jeremy Peterson
GOP Candidate
Utah House District 9

Interesting remarks on your site from Saturday. Its obvious to me that nobody has a clue who I am or where I stand. Interestingly, one of the commentators on the article emailed me demanding information. I invited them to call me so we could chat. I haven't heard from anyone.

You might find my blog insightful... or boring. It's me. I am a real estate uber-nerd.

I am also definitely NOT a minion of the mayor. I have spoken to him four times in the last four years. I know him less than I know the guy that changes my oil.

Just thought these are things you should know since there seemed to be A LOT of erroneous (and some downright mean-spirited) conclusions drawn on little if any information.

Finally, I am not secretive. If you want to know where I stand, I invite you to give me a call.


Jeremy Peterson

Professional Realtor/Associate Broker
Terra Venture Real Estate
Cell: 801-390-1480
Fax: 702-946-0959
Blog: Ogden Insights

Editor's addendum: One of our gentle readers sent us an interesting 2002 Weber Sentinal article, which is quite relevant to the Legislative District 9 election discussion. Historically, Mr. Peterson's relationship with The G-Train has been anything but cozy:

From that article we find this fantastic quote, from Godfrey loyalist corporo-fascist party apparatchik Sue Wilkerson, referring to Mr. Peterson:

“People like to live where they have a sense of history. We have
these laws to protect people from themselves because they are
not smart enough to make the right decisions on their own.
Property rights are no different. If they don’t like the rules they
can move to Mexico. The guidelines should be 10 times
tougher,” Wilkerson said.
About Peterson, she said, “He blatantly chose not to follow the
rules. Had he applied for a permit like required, he would have
been guided through the process.”
When asked about the constitutional rights of the property
owner, Wilkerson said, “I’m not a close study of the
Constitution. It’s illegal to steal. Knowingly breaking this law is
the same as stealing.”
We'll add that we've taken the time to discuss with Mr. Peterson his relationship with the Godfreyite Ms. Wilkerson, and that we're satisfied it is confined to real estate business, and not politics. No need to take our word for it however. Those who have questions should take Mr. Peterson up on his invitation directly, and give him a call.

Comments are invited, as always.


Hansen for next mayor said...

Jeremy us said. "I am also definitely NOT a minion of the mayor. I have spoken to him four times in the last four years. I know him less than I know the guy that changes my oil.
So why did you send an email to Hansen that was in very bad taste.
I would love to post it but I don't know if I should because of it being a private email. Maybe I'll call Hansen and ask him if I can post it.

Its integrity stupit! don't you get it. said...

So is Peterson a lawbreaker according to Sue Wilkerson.

About Peterson, Sue said, “He blatantly chose not to follow the
rules. Had he applied for a permit like required, he would have
been guided through the process.”

So if he is running for the legislature do we want a law breaker or a law maker?

Bill C. said...

Mr. Peterson, please tell me why the good folks of inner city Ogden would want a realtor, gop no less, to represent them. Neil Hansen is one of them and seems to represent their interests quite adequately. How many consecutive elections has he won?
I know that poor Rudi has gone to great lengths to distance himself from the fine work of the gop dominated Utah Legislature, you want to join and strengthen their grip on us further. Tell why in hell we should think that would be good for anyone.

Bill C. said...

Oh my, I sound like Curmudgeon.

Curmudgeon said...

Well, first, kudoes to Mr. Peterson for coming to what is too often a kind of snake pit of commentary, posting his note and a link to his campaign website.

I went. I looked. I read the entire issues page. He seems to have three, on only one of which is he partially persuasive. Here are the issues he thinks should decide this election:

1. Gas prices. He wants Utah to develop its shale oil, which he says can now be done profitably. [Details missing.] But it must be done, he says, in a responsible way. How to achieve this? By leasing the shale oil lands. I have to confess, I'm a little at a loss to see the connection between issuing leases and responsible development. Guess we just have to have faith in the good intentions and sterling upright character of the business barons of oil and gas and energy. You know, like Ken Lay and those fun loving guys at Enron for example.

2. Crime, particularly gang crime and juvenile gang member crimes. Sadly, he seem [one exception, discussed below] to simply parrot the all-too familiar Republican line: get tough with crime and crimes by kids! Argues that any kid who shoots a gun at someone should be treated as an adult, and imprisoned accordingly. Hard to see that as much of a solution, since we now [DA's prerogative] can and do charge 15, 16 and 17 year olds as adults in violent crime cases. How low does he want to take it? 12 year olds? Ten? Just more bromides about "get tough with criminals" with no specifics that we've been hearing for years, enacting for years, and crime has not gone down. The major impact is prison populations are swollen to the point that we have, often, no place left to put them and so have to let them go early.

He makes one arguably sound point: that fingerprints of juvie offenders should be included in the states fingerprint register so they will pop up an ID if the juvie commits a crime as an adult and leaves prints. If they are not so included now, that might be a useful reform, but one with limited consequences. Still, might be worth implementing.

3. Downtown development: he's all for it. Thinks Ogden is a great place to live. [So do I.] And he apparently thinks that the real problem is some state legislators think it's not, but if we elect him, he will tell them differently, and explain to them how great Ogden is, and all will be well, and state resources will flow here as never before. Or something like that.

When I finished his website discussion of his issues, all I could hear was dear departed Clara Peller's voice demanding "Where's the beef?" Sorry, Mr. Peterson, but you'd have to be offering a whole lot more to justify swelling the Curtis, Bramble, Valentine and Buttars chorus by yet another Republican voice.

Curiously, I found on Mr. Peterson's site no mention... not a word... in the downtown section about gondolas. Imagine that. And nary a word, not one, about education and vouchers. Now why in the world would a Republican candidate for the Utah house not so much as mention education and vouchers? That's a puzzler that is. What ever could the reason be?

Curmudgeon said...


You wrote: Oh my, I sound like Curmudgeon.

Hmmmmmm.... as soon as I can figure out if I've been complimented or dissed, I'll get back to you. It may take me a while.... [grin]

danny said...

I think it's great that Jeremy posted here.

I also think it's great that the SLTrib ran a story on GD buying Jet Aviaiton after they read about it here. (How else would they have connected the dots, since none of the news wires mentioned Ogden?)

So it's great people read this blog.

But I would remind Jeremy, that "give me a call" was the Geigers' modus operandi when they moved here. "Give me a call" means nothing.

You have a forum here already. Tell us what you think.

We know Hansen is a man of the people from his record.

disgusted said...

Wilkerson said ... About Peterson, she said, “He blatantly chose not to follow the rules. Had he applied for a permit like required, he would have been guided through the process.”

peterson, what's this all about? did you not folow the law?

Bill C. said...

Jeremy, you had the floor, why not take advantage of a golden opportunity to get your message out? There's been questions posed, give some answers. It may seem like a harsh crowd, but there are alot of folks that read this forum, and to make it in the political arena you should be able to handle a tough question or two.

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