Friday, August 15, 2008

A Challenge to Rename an Ogden City Street in Golf Vernacular

Clever suggestions are invited

By Dorrene Jeske
Ogden City Councilwoman

Since the Mt. Ogden Golf Course is a regular and constant topic here on Weber County Forum, I'm going to take this opportunity to announce that the City Council is seeking a new name for "Constitution Way" or "Constitution St." How many of you know where it is in Ogden? Well, it's the little street upon which the club house for Mount Ogden Golf Course is located. This will not be a contest, but a way to just have some fun coming up with a catchy name for the street. I'll give you a hint -- we're looking for a name that has to do with golfing.

Have fun! And let's have some good, clever suggestions.

Editor's note: Please submit your suggestions to the Ogden City Council here. Don't forget, however, to also register your suggestions with this blog.

We'll definitely lobby for the really good ones.


Curmudgeon said...


Rough Way
Fairway Drive [obvious but appropriate]
Clubhouse Lane [ditto]
Par Parkway
Shank Street
Pin Tender Path
Putter Place
Mashie-Niblik Lane
Double-bogey Drive
Lost Gondola Lane

Jes' tryin' to be helpful....

momba said...

How 'bout St. Andrew's Alley?

Good Reader said...

Name might be;
St. Andrews Drive

By the way I still haven't seen any signs directing people to the Golf Course or Mt. Ogden Park off of Harrison or from 30th. A little promotion wouldn't hurt.
I also had a friend ride Frontrunner to Ogden and was surprised that there were no maps on stops, or of the cities on the trains. Most public transit systems shows stops and then have better directions once off the trains. Ogden still needs better signage if this is truely a high adventure city, or at least hand out compasses at the visitors center.

Monotreme said...

ChrisPetersonWillNeverOwnThis Way?

OgdenLover said...

Good Reader,

If you drive North on Harrison, you can find signs directing you to the City Animal Shelter and the Dinosaur Park. Several of them, in fact.

I too have wondered (here and elsewhere) why there are NO signs pointing to Mt. Ogden Golf Course.

Duffer said...

Albatross Alley
Double Eagle Drive
Duffer Drive
Fat Shot Freeway
Hardpan Highway
Persimmon Parkway
Plinker Place
Schl├Ąger Strauss
Turtle Back Turnpike

dan s. said...

How about "30th Street"--so people can find it.

Butch said...

Godfrey/Geiger/Cavendish Circle

Bill C. said...

I just can't resist. As lying little matty's bogus, handpicked, yesboss golf committee, headed by kent peterson, is about to recommend bulldozers, and the total destruction of our beautiful golf course, Golf Digest, the world's leading golf publication has ranked us once again as one of the best places to play, with a 4 star rating. The congratulatory letter arrived this week. I thought I'd spread the good word now before lying little matty tells the golf pro to sit on it and keep it quiet until the committe makes their pitch.
If this administration spent a fraction of the time and money they spend promoting some phoney high adventure mythology on promoting the very real fact that our beautiful golf course is fantastic, what a difference it make.
Instead they drag out idiots, clearly conflicted in one way or another, in an effort to trash the place publicly.
Who are these so-called experts? The famously inept Earl Kemp, In the City Council work session Todd never mentioned his name, he only used the Corporate name Forsgren and Ass. Older Council Members should remember the letters of non reccomendation from Utah PGA proffessionals I gave them a while back regarding Kemp. Jon Garner, a local boy that is moonlighting on the side, hoping to get a nice chunk for himself. Ask members of the OGC if his work was anything special? David Maclay Kidd, truely good at his craft but as a resort high end course developer his perspective, and what he was being asked is not apples and apples.
Oh, I forgot to mention that the biggest problem our golf course has is a direct byproduct of Kemps doing. Those in attendance at the work session heard Jeff, the course superintendant say that the biggest need we have is a new irrigation system. The one we have is totally inadequate and of ridiculous engineering. Kemp installed and designed it back in 82,83. So, when this bogus joke of a committee reccomends complete destruction of our beautiful facility, you now know that the leading golf publication in the world strongly disagrees.
Council, please help us stop the insanity.

Carlo said...

Big Bertha Boulevard

Rodney Dangerfield Road

dorrehe jeske said...

The Council was also asking last night where the signage for the Mt. Ogden golf course is. We talked about the need for signage when we were doing the budget and I'm quite sure that we set aside money for that. We also asked Council Staff for some information concerning MOGC so it will be on a work meeting agenda.

Bill C., I understand Hoyle Sorenson is on that committee that you mentioned, and he has a lot of good ideas to help the golf course and the to back his suggestions. He won't be intimidated. We were told last night that play at MOGC is up 25% this year. That's what we need! More golfers there!

We've got a lot of Council member support for that golf course!

dorrene jeske said...

I really have changed my name -- it's still Dorrene. Good thing I also put Jeske behind it or you'd think you had a new poster instead of an old one with fat fingers.

Keep the good name suggestions coming. You guys are great!

dorrene jeske said...

Oh, man! I meant to say: I have NOT changed my name. I'd better call it quits for tonight.

Oh wow man. said...

I have said all along that the Little bubble boy should call the street HIGH adventure golf. This way every one from around the world will know that Ogden is on the map.
By the way didn't goofy say it was the hardest course to play?

ozboy said...

Well, this is Emerald City right here in the Land of Oz, so it seem like a real no-brainer Dorothy - name the street "The Yellow Brick Road"

At the end of the Yellow Brick Road we will find the tiny phony wizard hiding behind the curtain pulling the big levers of government.

danny said...

I should shut up, but I just wanted to say the posts above are brilliant!

Made my day.

Brett said...


We want people to come play the golf course -- not make them sick -- so I won't vote for "Godfrey/Geiger/Cavendish Circle."

How about "Golf Adventure Drive" or "Way to Golf" or "Golf the Magnificent Way" or
"Golf the Beautiful Way" or
"Golf the Scenic Way" or
"Scenic Golf Drive"?

pragmatic sue said...

Godfrey is not going to promote any signs that tell us how to actually get to a local spot like a golf course because he only promotes and spends money for HIGH ADVENTURE.

That holds true for maps for people getting off the Frontrunner.

West Texas Woman said...

ozboy -

Good comment.

How about Mount Ogden Place?

Golf Course Way?

Mount Ogden Treasure?

Putter's Delight?

Utopia Way?

Love Golf said...

3 Whack Way
Chilly Dip Drive
Double Bogey Boulevard
Fairway Lane
Hidden Gem Drive
Bunker Boulevard
Hazard Highway
Lateral Lane
Out of Bounds to Peterson Lane
Penalty Stroke Place
Don't Try Walking This Course Drive
Not On My Dime Drive

Kevin said...

I agree with Dan S. 30th Street so people can actually find it.


Happy Gilmore Drive

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