Monday, August 04, 2008

Redneck Stonehenge

A new idea which will surely put Hooper, Utah "on the map"
Boss Godfrey's "vision" of "the "New Ogden" gets mercilessly upstaged

Fantastic new video on the Standard-Examiner "live" website this morning, once again demonstrating our home town newspaper's commitment to the multimedia world which is quickly eclipsing stodgy and traditional print journalism.

You've all heard of Cadillac Ranch, of course, the work of offbeat automotive art structure that put the city of Amarillo, Texas on the tourist map?

Well step aside Amarillo... there's something intensely interesting going on right down the street from us in Emerald City... in Hooper, Utah, of all places, by Gawd. Feast your little beady eyes eyes on this:

The Standard-Examiner has the full explanatory story here. And though it seems, under the circumstances, that Mr. Davis's work of automotive art is probably intended more as a basic and "not so subtle political statement directed toward his sleazy developer neighbors," rather than a grand "rhapsodized embodiment of American hopes and dreams, folly and failure, art and commerce, materialism and spiritualism," we think Davis's cars planted into the ground are danged nice art anyhow.

Perhaps Mr. Davis will have the good sense to put together a grant application and try to get his hands on some of that loose RAMP tax money that's been previously doled out to opportunistic Public Trough Slurpers like Jeff Lowe.

We're amazed, frankly, that Boss Godfrey hasn't already come up with something like this. The little Shite wants to put Ogden City "on the map," yes? So what, exactly is Boss Godfrey waiting for?

And what say our gentle readers about this curious situation?



This is truly funny.

Here we have Godfrey's multi-million salaried A-Team, playing canasta on the Top Floors of City Hall, wondering how they can ever justify their high-salaried positions, within the current World Credit Crunch.

And some farmer schmuck from Hooper suddenly upstages them with a real concept to drive local tourism.


Future President Obama said...

If Mr. Davis ever attempts to remove this art monument from Weber County, I swear I'll wreak my wrath, Once I'm the president.

John McCain said...

I too, will dedicate federal Funds, if elected, to the "Redneck Stonehenge" monument.

Matt the magnificent Godfrey said...

Well I have already one-upped all of you. I got the council to throw money at a giant popsicle.

Beat that one you liberal nay-sayers.

Tec Jonson said...

Rudi, since 9/11, the term Shiite has been adopted in the U.S. by the chortling fool in a many of us to substitute for the word "shit". Here you use Shite but the vernacular reference has been well established by such lowbrow comics like Jay Leno and Carlos Mencia. Try to defend the twisted reference to a Muslim sect and explain why they should be forever referred to as shit. I am sure there are millions of Shiites who are offended by this warped and baseless transference of 9/11 rage. Neither you nor I could likely describe a Shiite and the difference from other Muslims so in that context of our ignorance isn't twisting their name even further entrenching our ignorance. As you can see I am one of a rare few who have had it with the degrading undertow of post 9/11 'Merkinism.

Bill C. said...

Tec, the difference between Sunni and Shia is quite like the difference between LDS and what was RLDS. The Shia believe that after Mohameds death that leadership, or prophet status should have stayed within Mohameds family, his cousin Ali, or a prophet directly appointed by God.
The RLDS believe the same about Joseph Smiths' family, and would not follow the leadership of Brigham Young.
That is why the more proggrive secular Islamic Countries are dominated by Sunnis, and the repressive theocracys led by Imams are shia. Iraq's Bathe Party was Sunni and Iraq had to be considered the most modern progressive secular Arab country prior to our booting them back to sub third world status.
Mostly in the Islamic world the leaders are either self appointed, God appointed or appointed by an overbearing Western World power like the British Empire or more recently our appointing in Iraq and Afganistan.
Theologicly they both share identical beliefs due to authorship. Same as LDS and RLDS.
So Tec, I guess what I am trying to explain to you is that I don't like the implied racism and hate directed at a broad population, but that's our culture.
So, the next time you hear or read that lying little matty gondola godfrey is a piece of shite, just remember that is to be literally interpreted to mean," lying little matty gondola godfrey is a God appointed piece of shit".
Bless is precious pointed little nose and profound forehead.

Monotreme said...


I believe it's a Britishism, not a reference to a religion.

googleboy said...


2. (context, Scottish, Northern England, pejorative) A foolish or deceitful person.

Curmudgeon said...

Comment bumped to front page

britney spears said...

Honestly, I think we should just trust our shite in every decision he makes and should just support that, you know, and be faithful in what happens.

the lovely jennifer ??? said...

how did we get from rednecks to shiites in 10 short comments?

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