Saturday, August 02, 2008

Science Saturday Special

A collection of important science stories gleaned by your blogmeister recently

It's Saturday afternoon; and according to Weber County Forum Tradition, we once again set up an open-topic thread. Talk about whatever you want to talk about... but please remember this is a science oriented thread. Here are a few suggested topics within that genre:

Have scientists discovered a cure for Alzheimer's? If so, Ogden's Dave Harmer needs to learn more about this... quickly!

Histatin: Why 'Licking Your Wounds' Actually Works. This is something dogs and little kids already know, yes? We wonder how many lumpencitizen tax dollars were wasted on this revealing "study."

Killer asteroid heading our way. Not to worry, the Russians, with the world's second-best nuclear arsenal, are apparently on top of this.

Russian explorers reach bed of world's deepest lake in Siberia Perhaps the Russians will find the remnants of America's formerly great economy down there somewhere.

• Final/Final: Water is definitely discovered on the planet Mars. We can't wait to fly up there as the earth dries out with global warming, to fill up our canteen.

• Final/Final/Final: And whatever you do... don't sit don't sit on the bus in the seat next to this guy. Consider this a science story from the wishy-washy world of the non-mathematically predictable psycho-socially based "social sciences."

Remember... this an open-topic thread.

Last one out... turn out the lights and lock up as per usual.

Nighty nite!


Wade said...

Hey, I guess I'm the first and the last to blog on open thread Saturday.

I think it is kind of funny that nobody wants to comment unless the topic is bashing Godfrey or political in nature.

Cheers to my fellow disgruntled Weber county bloggers! Perhaps tomorrow will bring another opportunity to bash our city.

Good night.

dan s. said...


News bulletin: the main topic of this blog is Ogden politics.

Folks who want to blog about other topics have plenty of other places to go on the web.

As for "bashing our city", this morning there's no need: the Standard-Examiner did it for us with its major story on Ogden's prostitution problem.

Bill C. said...

Dan, what could be more "High Adventure" than cruising Adams ave, at 2:00 in the morning looking for artificial high adventure romance, and playing roulette with STDs?
One could consider looking for hookers on Adams at 2:00 in the morning one of the most high adventure adrenaline rushes this side of East St. Louis, you're out there with the gangsters and more recently, murderers. Nothing artificial about that.
Has lying little matty filled the police force to the levels he touted during the campain? Ticket quotas are being met, because it's tied to performance evaluation. I wonder if all the cops are now volunteering for traffic division so they can earn merrit pay?
Silly me, we have gondolas to build to facilitate our rebirth.

OgdenLover said...

Anyone notice that prostitution policing is down because those cops are out doing anti-gang enforcement? Looks like robbing Peter to pay Paul goes for both our city finances and distribution of police work.

Weren't we promised 6 new officers back before the election so that the new anti-gang taskforce could concentrate on gang crime?

Curmudgeon said...

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Dan S. said...

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