Friday, August 08, 2008

Powder Mountain Update: A Plea for Citizen Action

A heads-up regarding ongoing behind-the-scenes political activity

Just to keep our readers informed of developments in the Powder Mountain situation, we'd like to inform interested readers of some behind-the-scenes activity which is currently being undertaken by the community activists in Ogden Valley. In the period between now and the next scheduled Weber County Commission meeting on August 19, 2008, at which time the commission will take up the the business of appointing a new mayor and council, Ogden Valley community activists are launching a public information campaign, soliciting letters and commentary to be directed toward the print media and County Commission, and preparing the groundwork for citizen contribution to a soon to be formed legal defense fund.

For details and contact information, navigate to today's latest article on Ogden Valley Forum.

If you'd like to help out in the effort of our Weber County neighbors to the east to prevail in their valient fight against the overbearing action of a greedy developer in Ogden Valley, now's the time to step up.

We'd like to add one additional call to action. If you, or someone you know is eligible to serve as mayor or council member for the soon to be appointed Powder Mountain Town government, now's the time to submit names and brief resumes to the Weber County Commission. The Commission will be compiling and vetting their own expanded candidate list; and as of our last conversation with Commissioner Dearden a day ago, the Commission had received only one single citizen application.


danny said...

I suggest the Valley citizens tie Powder Mountain up in court or any way they can to buy enough time until a legitimate, elected council and mayor are in place.

Then, let the new mayor's new planning commission and zoning board play games with and afflict Powder Mountain until they long for dis-incorporation and Weber County rules of days gone by.

The citizenry could have the newly elected officials dis-incorporate, but why do so, when they, at that point, can have so much more fun tormenting the Powder Mountain SOB's with regulations?

Think: "Payback Time."

Curmudgeon said...


You are suggesting a very expensive strategy. It would probably take some deep pockets to pull it off, if it could be done at all, which is doubtful. To work, the plaintiffs would have to have a case sufficiently likely to succeed to convince a court to issue restraining orders to the new appointed town government. Such orders are not issued merely because a case is filed.

danny said...

You don't ask for an injunction. The idea is you make it clear that after the first election the world will change for Powder Mountain, which it will. Hopefully that would slow them down a little to wait and see what that new world would look like.

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