Monday, August 11, 2008

More Bob Geiger Screed Blowback

The first Std-Ex general reader reaction pops up in today's letters to the editor section

On July 31, The Standard-Examiner published this jagged and logically disconnected rant in its editorial page section, which generated plenty of reader mirth within this WCF article's lower comments section.

Bobby G.'s laughably ill-reasoned screed now generates the first inevitable Std-Ex reader blowback, with this morning's letter to the editor:

"Ann Milner neutral on gondola project"

We frankly don't understand the tactics of the Godfreyites, in blindly and venomously attacking the faculty and administration of Weber State University. Our locally situated home town university is a source of considerable pride all across our general community. Such clumsy tactics are bound to backfire, just as they seem to have done.

We also question the wisdom of holding the referenced Godfrey/Peterson gondola dog and pony show on a university campus in the first place. University campuses are of course venues where hard questions are bound to be asked, just as Std-Ex reader Lee Badger suggests in his above-linked letter.

Nor do we understand the Godfreyites' persistence in relying upon Mr. Geiger as their designated spokesman.

We suspect gentle reader Danny framed the Godfreyites' latter tactical problem best, in this comment, appearing under the above-linked WCF article:
The evolution of Bob Geiger:
1. Stimulating but wrong.
2. Just wrong.
3. Starting to sound daft.
4. Just boring now.
Nobody left in Lift Ogden but this strange, silly little man and his daddy.
So what about it, gentle readers, can sensible Emerald City citizens all rest easy, so long as Captain Geiger (U.S.M.C. - Ret.) remains one the the Godfreyites' main mouthpieces?


Moroni McConkie said...

Rudi muses, "Nor do we understand the Godfreyites' persistence in relying upon Mr. Geiger as their designated spokesman."

Indeed. As I pondered this conundrum, I began to see Godfrey as Nixon in his last throes. Who still stood by Nixon after the American people finally saw he had no clothes? It's been so long ... didn't the shadowy Key Biscayne laundromat magnate Bebe Rebozo stay loyal to Nixon until the end?

That's what I think is going on here. At this point I'm not sure that other than the Geigers, Godfrey has any remaining friends. Oh, I'm sure Sue Wilkerson and Tom and Stephanie Moore still sing from Godfrey's hymn sheet, but at the end of the day, who's out on the 9th floor balcony savoring brandy and cigars with the mayor? No one but Mr. Bob "I-wish-I-were-at-liberty-to-share-the-mayor's-latest-whims" Geiger.

Bob Geiger as Bebe Rebozo. How moving.

Curious 1 said...

Wouldn't their Japanese bosses be humiliated by the antics of the Geigers. Since the do represent a muti-national company and seem to keep embarrassing themselves and their company.
Maybe a letter writing campaign to Japan would cool their heels, or at least have them clean up their act.
I know that the Japanese have a great respect for decorum and civility.

WSU Supporter said...

It is Bobby Geiger and the Mayor who are the "dumb" ones in this seenario! They are "Too dumb" to know that a university in a any city is a marketing asset that businesses look at when relocating! Universities add culture and quality of life to a community.(Culture is something about which the Geigers know nothing and the Maor is too immature to appreciate -- he just wants to play!) Apparently Bobby's IQ prohibits him from participating in the many classes at WSU that COULD MAYBE IMPPROVE HIM and maybe help him from making such a blithering fool of himself. But then on the other hand where could we get our daily chuckle? We'd better not tell Bobby that WSU improves lives.

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