Saturday, August 02, 2008

Powder Mountain Update: The Weber County Commission Calenders the Developers' Incorporation Request for August 5th

Sierra Club Conservation Chair Schroeder furnishes additional written material

Important Powder Mountain news development from the Ogden Valley Forum blogsite:
The Weber County Commission Web site has the Weber County Commission agenda for August 5th at 10:00AM. Item #6 is a request to approve a resolution to grant the petition for incorporation for the Town of Powder Mountain, and #7 is regarding Powder Mountain's request to appoint the Mayor and Town Council for the town to be incorporated at Powder Mountain. [Emphasis added].
Visit Ogden Valley Forum for further details.

And while we're on the subject, be sure to check out the relevant written material we received last evening from Ogden Sierra Club Conservation Chair Dan Schroeder:

Comments on Powder Mountain Draft Development Agreement
May v. Town of Mountain Village U.S. Tenth Circuit Court Opinion

We've been pressed for time, and thus haven't had time to fully read and digest Dan's material. Perhaps we'll find the time to do that over the weekend. In the meantime, we invite our readers to provide their own analysis and commentary here.

From all appearances, it seems that the Powder Mountain matter is rapidly coming to a head, and that the developer is once again operating in "hard-ball" mode.


Curmudgeon said...

Watching the all-Republican Weber County Commission twist and turn and squirm, desperately trying to try to find a face-saving and freedom-preserving way out of the bind their fellow Republicans in the state legislature dropped them in thanks to the Developers Dream Bill, I almost feel sorry for them.


RudiZink said...

Exactly right, Curm. Tuesday's commission session will give these three GOP commisioners an opportunity to let the Weber County electorate know exactly what they're made of.

Their party colleagues in Utah GOP leadership dropped this problem in their lap, without the slightest concern for either these GOP commissioners or their local constituencies. Time for a little righteous Weber County GOP payback, methinks.

Tuesday will truly be a day of reckoning for all involved.

Valley said...

Sadly, methinks they are made of Jell-O. I am betting on three yea votes in favor of the Incorporation.

They are more concerned about litigation than they are concerned about representing the rights of the voters.

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