Saturday, August 09, 2008

The Dean Martinez Lawsuit Moves to Federal Court

Added twist: Scott Brown reportedly contemplates an "A" Team encore

Last month, the Standard-Examiner reported that former Ogden City Human Resources Department director Dean Martinez had refiled his lawsuit against Boss Godfrey, and various Godfrey administration officials in Ogden's Second District Court. This morning's Standard-Examiner follows up on developments in the Martinez case, and reports that the lawyers for the Ogden City defendants have successfully moved the matter to federal court, ostensibly because some of the causes of action pleaded in Martinez's case turn on federal issues.

Whether this was a favorable tactic for Godfrey and the other defendants we do not know. As has been demonstrated in recently concluded litigation, Godfrey has seemingly enjoyed something of a home court advantage in the local Second District Court, an advantage that will no doubt disappear in a federal court venue, where the typical federal district court judge exercises a degree of political independence equivalent to that of a medieval Chinese warlord.

And here's an interesting twist: We've learned this week from a highly reliable source that Scott Brown, whose personnel file seems to be the chief evidentiary football in this case, is presently being courted by the Godfrey administration for an encore performance in Ogden City government, and that he'll likely be rejoining the Godfrey "A" Team to sort out the currently unravelling Ogden City financial mess very soon.

Inasmuch as one of the key issues in the Martinez case is the city's alleged failure to have disciplined Mr. Brown for alleged acts of sexual harassment during his previous tenure, it will be interesting to contemplate and observe how his prospective return to the Ogden City payroll may affect the litigation.

Our readers can be assured we'll be closely following further developments in this story.

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shhh, I am a Ogden City worker said...

Godfreys' A team have a record of harassment, retaliation, and stomping on the rights of workers in city.

They intimidate Council women, Councilmen, City recorders, police officers, any one who they think will roll over and not pursuit charges or reveal their true actions.

They are on the verge of an investigation into the violation of the State of Utah right to work laws.

They attempt to stifle employees political views and freedom of speech, they are out of control and way too arrogant.

I hope that Dean really shoves it up their asses hard on this one.

wtf said...

I thought that Scott was suffering from terminal cancer, that was his excuse for his outburst at Jesse Garcia in the Council meeting a while back.

There are city policies about those types of actions by City employees, however Scott must have been exempt because of his terminal condition.

pure speculation said...

Perhaps Brown's resignation was considered an election year necessity for Godfrey. Now with the election behind him, Godfrey needs Brown back to keep the rest of the A team from stumbling across all the bodies he buried.

Contemplating being an author said...
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wtf said...

"Will he ever be caught (he was discovered on video) and prosecuted for the arson fire of the abandoned candy building."

I have not heard this, is it true?
Where are you getting that information?

Contemplating being an author said...
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old timer said...

Well, well,

Scott Brown created such a mess of Ogden intercity finances between Riverside Technology Foundation ( Da Vinci Academy) and the Ogden Community Foundation among others that only he could ever untangle what he did.

Ogden's outside auditors have not done a very good job of trying to untangle any of it in their certified audit as of June 30, 2007

They just acept whatever John Arrington and staff say are the right figures and put their signature on the bottom line.

Things must be pretty bad with Ogden City books if Scott Brown is the only one qualified to untangle them.

What about high priced CPA Harmer of the Ogden City RDA?

waiting for the shoe to drop said...

whatever happened to Martinez's charge of porn on Scott Brown's Ogden City computer or is that standard operating procedure in Ogden City offices?

gaspar said...

old timer - whatever happened to the Ogden City Foundation investigation or is it still ongoing?

Comtemplating said...

WTF, I attempted to answer your questions, but Rudi keeps deleting my comments. I'm not sure why he is protecting Scott Brown, but I guess that you will never know "the rest of the story."

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