Monday, August 25, 2008

National Demo Convention Kicks Off Tonight!

Pre-convention musings from your ever-gentle WCF Blogmeister

OK folks. The Democratic National Nominating Convention kicks off in about five hours. We'll be glued to the tube, just like all other hard-core Utah political wonks over the next four days.

Just a few political observations before the National Democratic Party convention finally goes into TEEVEE prime-time:

One commentator sez the Demos have the greatest party-partisan political advantage going into convention since the Nixon era!

Democrats Begin Convention With Most Advantages Since Watergate

Is it possible that the Demos could blow their seeming big advantage yet again?

At least three other political commentators say Obama's candidacy might not have the easy sledding that's hoped for. Rumors persist that Hillary Clinton supporters will mess up the whole Obama coronation, and throw a wrench into Demo party unity:

Hillary: Not out of it yet!
Die-hard Clinton supporters to air grievances outside convention
Clinton to have own floor whips at Dem convention

In spite of the Clinton Machine's machinations however, there is definitely good news for Democratic Party convention-goers this week in Denver. In the midst of a convention environment where convention attendees will have to deal with seriously-tightened security measures, the Denver Police will be cutting typical Democratic Party national delegates a little well-deserved slack:

City panel to cops: Hold off on pot arrests during Democratic Convention

The Democratic Party: The party of Cheech and Chong?

We guess we'll be finding out all about THAT this week.

Pull your Barca-loungers® in front of the Big Screen, folks.

We'll be loving and looking for a good Demo intra-party political scrap during the next week; and this one's bound to be danged good fun!


Curmudgeon said...

Good lord, you're really going to watch the convention? Why? Nothing whatsoever is going to be decided that has not already been decided. Maybe I can save you some time.

Each night, Democrat spinmeisters will announce that it has been a great day, that all the speakers were brilliant and skewered the Republicans so handily that the election is all but a formality.

Each night,Republican spinmeisters will announce that the Convention is a huge failure [and did everyone know John McCain spent five years in a POW camp?], that it revealed the paucity of ideas in the Democratic Party, none of whose speakers spent five years in POW camps as John McCain did, and that Barrak Obama is not qualified to be president because he did not not spent five years in a POW camp like John McCain did, and that the election is now a forgone conclusion for John McCain [who by the way, in case we hadn't mentioned it, spent five years in a POW camp].

Rent a movie, go out for a beer. Whatever. Your time will be better spent. [Same for your convention, by the way.]

Monotreme said...


So, are you expecting that Joe Biden will quip, "Every sentence John McCain speaks has three elements: a noun, a verb, and a POW camp."?

OgdenLover said...

At least admit that this will be an opportunity to hear some great public speaking, something that we have pretty much been missing since JFK.
Michelle Obama (last in tonight's 7-9Pm slot) has been giving a dynamite stump speech. She had more people in attendance when she spoke in SLC than were there for the State Democratic convention I attended two years ago.

Lighten up, get a beer, and watch selected parts.

RudiZink said...

I agree, OgdenLover. This lifelong libertarian-Republican hasn't been so charged up by a pending Democratic Convention since the days of Jack Kennedy in 1960.

I find it hard to believe that anyone who's interested in politics would skip this major political event.

democrat said...

McBush is so yesterday

Republican Senator Larry Craig said...

I am not gay and never have been gay.

Curmudgeon said...


Well, Michelle OBama is a fox....

But from experience, most speakers at the national conventions, even the ones touted as stem-winding orators, turn out to be serious competitors of Somanex. I will concede that sometimes, very rarely, someone not anticipated as being much of a speaker will surprise and become a story: e.g. B. Obama himself, whose speech at a previous convention launched him onto the national scene. But as a rule you have, convention watching, to [rhetorically speaking] kiss a lot of frogs before you find a prince.

Still, Michelle is a stone fox... OK, then. Maybe her speech.

Average Utahn said...

I had no idea that McCain was a POW. I'm definitely voting for him now!

Curmudgeon said...

Average Utahn:

Please accept my sincere congratulations at your having this very day emerged from your coma. That's really wonderful news! [grin]

Average Utahn said...


LOL, You really are on one today.

Cheers to you!!

another smart articulate woman said...

Michelle Obama gave a great presentation.

She is a tribute for smart articulate women.

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