Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Mogambo Guru: The Government-Based Economy

More words of wisdom from our ever-sensible and down-to-earth economics wizard pal, The Mogambo Guru
A one-year federal income tax holiday - Why NOT?
There is an interesting lesson in there for people who are stupid enough to allow a government to control the creation of money and credit which they will predictably over-issue, causing ruinous inflation in prices, and that lesson is “buy gold or die!” But for Junior Mogambo Rangers (JMRs) who have their official decoder rings, it is much, much more, as they have no doubt already deciphered the paragraph to reveal the coded message, “Buy gold, silver and oil right now ahead of the roaring inflation in prices that will come as a result of the inflations in the money supplies, and you will rule like kings over those who do not act as prudently as you, which will be most everybody you know because they are all idiots, and upon whom you will be able to inflict pain or pleasure at your sole discretion, but mostly pain, to punish them for being so stupid that they elected the morons who did this to us! Hahahaha!”

The Mogambo Guru
The Government-Based Economy
February 18, 2009

More words of wisdom from our ever-sensible friend and down-to-earth economics wizard pal, The Mogambo Guru. Here's the lede:
I ran across the essay “The Greatest Economic Stimulus Plan Ever! Part II” by Wayne Allen Root, which certainly gets your attention! He starts out saying that he’s looked, and “Obama’s solution for the current economic tsunami is more government spending in the form of bailouts, a massive trillion-dollar economic stimulus package, and ‘tax cuts’ offered to people who never paid taxes in the first place” which seems both starkly correct and a chance for me to use it as a springboard for a Mogambo Loud Damning Indictment (MLDI) of the Congress and Federal Reserve so that, hopefully, your first thought is, “Our outrage is so great that we should spontaneously arise into an unstoppable, unruly mob, go up there, drag those incompetent lowlife morons out into the street and beat the hell out of them all." [link added]
Read another clear-minded and timely full Mogambo writeup here:
The Government-Based Economy
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Big Steve said...

It'll never work, Rudi. Our massive federal debt service depends upon a continuing income tax revenue stream.

Curmudgeon said...

Apologies. Very off topic, but some threads ago [I don't know how many] I suggested Ogden staging a "Mardi Gras In the Mountains" as a possible late winter festival idea. I knew Red River NM ski resort did one, but it turns out, Vail, Copper Mt., and Crested Butte do Mardi Gras in the Mountains celebrations too. Are we missing something? The below is from the MSNBC travel website:

Vail, Colo.
Mardi Gras in the mountains? Mais oui, mon cher! Breckenridge, Copper Mountain and Crested Butte all sponsor pre-Lenten festivities, as does Vail, which celebrates CarniVail, February 22–24.

Among the Vail festivities: a crawfish boil ($14.95, plus lift access) at Eagle’s Nest, atop the Eagle Bahn Gondola, on Sunday; a free “Mask-erade” party with Cajun food and family activities in the village square, on Monday, and a parade and king cake-eating contest on Tuesday. Stick around through Friday, February 27, and you can catch a free concert by John “JoJo” Hermann (of Widespread Panic) and his Mojo Mardi Gras Band.

Bill C. said...

Curm, get serious, that's way too legitimate and lacks clandestine crony advancement and favoritism. lying little matty would turn his increasingly elongating nasal appendage up at such a notion.
Besides, it's far too similar to the dreaded evil commerce and fun generating "street festival".

oh ya! said...

Ok. I think that the marti gras would work if only we had a gondola to run up and down the route.
Then the whole world would come here to be apart of it.

What will it cost us said...

Save your money and go to New Orleans where they actually treat you as an adult. Real liquor, not watered down beer and live music out of every bar. You can walk the streets with drinks as long as it is in a plastic cup. (Oh the horror.)

Remember when Ogden had a street festival sponsored by Budweiser I think. That was before a kiddyland mentality took over city hall. How much revenue is brought into the city by the Junction, just curious.

Wow Easy said...

Wow, easy to stray these folks off topic.

Sad But True said...

See above.

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